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U-G-L-Y. We Don't Got No Alibi...

Posted November 26th, 2012 @ 04:11am

After a game like that you always hear that teams crinkle it up and throw it in the wastebasket and move on. So in the same spirit, we'll keep this one short and sweet.

It was ugly from the start. On all levels. We'll start with the offensive line.

The Giants' front four owned them. The vaunted D-line had been hearing about it for three weeks. What was wrong? Why weren't they sacking the quarterback? They stewed about it over the bye and came out tonight with a ton of urgency and energy and manhandled the Packers' O-line all night.

That allowed the Giants to play their safeties back and keep the Pack from beating them deep. Rodgers couldn't find open receivers and the running game didn't provide any assistance.

Defensively it was an absolute mess. Clay Matthews cannot come back soon enough. The run defense was atrocious from the start, putting Eli Manning into favorable second and third down situations. And Manning rarely felt a whiff of pressure. The Packers' pass rush had nothing close to the success it had last week in Motown.

The tackling was bad and the penalties were very uncharacteristic of this year's team. It felt a lot like the opener against the 49ers. The Packers were completely outplayed and were never in it. The way I see it, every team seems to have a game like this, and after a nice five game winning streak, the Packers had one.

Of the contenders, only the Falcons have yet to play a complete clunker. They've played down to their competition a few times, but have managed to win. The 49ers, Giants, Texans, Patriots, Broncos and Ravens have all had games like this. We'll tip our caps to the Giants, who hadn't won in three weeks and played like a team that needed to make a statement, like the Packers did in Houston in Week 6.

The Packers return home to begin a key three game divisional stretch, beginning with games against the Vikings and Lions at Lambeau. If the Packers take care of business the next two weeks, they'll likely play a game to win the division in Chicago in week 15 (the Bears host the Seahawks and visit the Vikes before the showdown).

Here's hoping we see some re-enforcements beginning next week. Hopefully Matthews and Greg Jennings will return to the field next week, with Sam Shields and Charles Woodson potentially back for the Bears, if not a week earlier.

This was a stinker and hopefully a wake-up call. If we expect the Pack to contend in the playoffs against teams like the Giants and 49ers, they'll need to learn from these losses and figure out a way to beat them. Simple as that.


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4 26 am on 11/26? are you in China? Im reading this at 1045 CST. Your blog timer must be a bit off. One could only hope they get this figured out before 3 divisional games. Central Division is all very beatable. no reason to panic...only because this was a horrible regular season effort. play like that again in January and itll be a longer off season.

on November 25th, 2012 at 10:50pm

Davy....liked your lead...only thing I can add..."Lordy...We were not Ready!"! Yes....most of us penciled this in at the begginning of the year as a likely as Bill...the Voice of Reason will correctly tell us it's only one game but in the NFL you have to show up every week and earn that big moolah. Regroup...get hungry and finish strong. Since it's Monday morning here are my Monday morning observations: The Cover 2 is the way to play us as the Giants with their pass rush actually played 3 safeties in a Cover 3. With our makeshift OL we will see more of this with the Viking and Bear DLines. Lang and Sitton are our guards of the future ( Lang is not a tackle)....Buluga is our RT of the future...Newhouse, Smith, are backups at best and Saturday will not be back next year. Sherrod ....should start somewhere next year and TT's first draft choice will be an O lineman. this year it's patch work and I question TT's keeping 5 tight ends on the roster and 8 O linemen. Two offensive lineman cuts...Breno Giacomini and Nick McDonald are starting at Seattle and New England most games. With the Cover 2 and 3 we drastically need a running game. Greg Jennings coming back will help as we need someone to catch a slant pass like he excells at to negate the Cover 2. TT will never draft a running back let me be the first to say on this site....Reggie Bush is a free agent in 2013...TT....go after him !!! With 4 of next 5 games over division foes our destiny is in our hands...GO PACK GO !!

on November 26th, 2012 at 01:06pm

Deja Vu? "Stop the run, rush the passer and get off to a fast start. I know it seems rather obvious, but take care of those three things and the Pack will be hosting the NFC title game one week later."- Sound familiar? Why it is from the Head Cheese's own blog right before the NYG-Pack playoff game last year. Guess what the Pack didn't do again? Stop the run (Giants had 147 yards rushing last night), rush the passer (1 sack by the Packer defense and Eli looked way too comfortable in the pocket all night), and get off to a fast start (down 7-0, then down 17-7 at end of Q1 and down 31-10 at half). Ugh! I tried not to get myself to "up" for this game as I knew all the intangilbles favored ther G-men. I was hoping for a little closer game, however. Our O-line is as shaky as ever and nobody, including Rodgers, is going to look good when he is running for his life back there. Should Ted have kept more O-linemen on the roster? Maybe. But can't blame Ted for not trying to upgrade the O-line as he did spend 2 of our last 3 first round draft choices on tackles (Bulaga in 2010 and Sherrod in 2011). Toss in the Claymaker (1st round in 2009) and Perry (1st round in 2012) and we were playing this game without our last 4 first round draft choices. Don't want to blame injuries but our backups are just not good enough to play the defending superbowl champs and I fear if we play the giants again with this same roster, we will get smoked again. Need to get some healthy bodies back! Go whip the Queens and make everything alright again!

on November 26th, 2012 at 02:14pm

"Unprepared" is the word of the day, "Reactive" isn't. We were unprepared especially after playing this team so often, MM should have planned for their front four. Yes, NY was good, but Newhouse needed help...all night, so give it to him, then get rid of him next year. Where were the screens to keep their D honest? How can we give Eli so much time? I've always thought MM was an excellent playcaller but last night we might as well had Sherman with his run, run, pass, punt. I know we've got injuries and I know this isn't the end of the world, in fact, I'm predicting we win out. In what was supposed to be the strongest division, every team in the Nort is struggling but I think the Packers are the strongest and will come out on top. We may have needed this slap in the face to get us back on track especially if we get some starters returning. Man o' man, last night I felt like a Vikings fan must feel. By the way where is Cane, probably licking his wounds too.

on November 26th, 2012 at 02:44pm

Yeah, we got beat on both sides of the line. There is hope for the defensive side with Matthews return, but offensively?, I don't know. I don't know if the talent is really there. One could say that not every team has a d-line like the Giants, but if we're going anywhere we'll meet another motivated d-line. So the question is.... are we going anywhere? Oh, and I'm a little tired of the talking about the depth of the team. I'd like to hear more about how talented they are. I want play makers not journeymen.

on November 26th, 2012 at 08:34am

well Davey, that is why your the headcheese, nice call. I didn't see this coming, let alone a killing. I thought we would stop the run but bradshaw seems to kill us compared to how he plays against other teams. I heard coughlin had a cancer stricken boy come in before the game and he told them to start playing like champions, and the players said it really hit them. if we don't stop 28 next wek we could lose at home, it better not happen. I know one thing, 12 does not like the cold, no one does, but 12 had a stocking hat on on Eli just had his helmet before warm ups, it did bring back memories of brett in championship game. but 12 did play well in bears nfc championship game early on anyway. it sounds like it will be in the 40's sunday which is great. hopefully no wind. if we win, it will be because of 12 vs ponder. we need good weather. should be 27-16 pack win, and see how the bears do, go pack

on November 26th, 2012 at 11:59am

good comments Dave, but one thing the Packers are sorely missing is a dose of "NASTY"!! We need a James Harrison type LB and someone on the offensive line that doesn't mind punching someone in the face!

on November 27th, 2012 at 02:54pm

Sorry guys - been off the grid for a few days. Anyway, you can now see why I'm not the great prognosticator, but hey, that's the way it goes sometimes. Just a couple of comments - I was just a frustrated as the rest of you watching this one unravel, but I think in the long run this will help them. They're not out of it by any stretch of the imagination. Even the division title is still within reach. The Pack now has the template to beating the Giants - stop the pass rush like they did last year in the regular season, and it can be done. The O-line was pretty bad Sunday night (yes, a gross understatement), and we all know that there isn't any outside help coming, so these are the guys that need to make it happen. The individual battles need to be won before anything else. These guys got a healthy dose of baptism-by-fire, so let's hope it sticks. A few of these guys that have been out due to injury should be coming back soon, especially on defense. OSSG, thanks for the mention, and yes, you're right - it is just one game. But Reggie Bush ain't happenin', and you know why. :-) Let's not have a letdown against the Vikings Sunday - Go Pack!

on November 27th, 2012 at 04:44pm

An old cigarette commercial used to say, "It's what's up front that counts." Unfortunately Ted Thompson hasn't had the knack for coming up with good linemen the way he has receivers, quarterbacks, linebackers and d'backs. And that is why the Packers don't win these kinds of games and may not make it back to the Super Bowl this year as hoped. Going back to his first year, when the Packers lost all pro guards Marco Rivera and Mike Wahle on the same day in 2005 free agency, the o-line has been a constant source of worry and inconsistency. TT's answers over the years? Adrian Klemm, William Whitaker, Junius Coston, Daryn Colledge, Jason Spitz. Tony Moll. The Packers covered those with Ron Wolf draftees Chad Clifton and Mark Tauscher and Mike Sherman holdover Scott Wells in the lineup, but now that those guys are gone exposure is coming. Give Thompson credit for Sitton and Bulaga but Lang, Saturday and Newhouse are starters by default and against elite defensive fronts like the Giants, 49ers and even Seattle it shows. Let's not forget who else has been tried: Breno Giacomini, Allan Barbre, Jamon Meredith, and it appears the Packers have a bust in Derek Sherrod, who can't get on the field in two seasons. Not a single one of the guys who was in camp last summer as back-up or developmental prospects made the final cuts. If Don Barclay can't step in and replace the injured Brian Bulaga why is he on the roster? One major injury has affected two starting positions with T.J. Lang forced to slide from left guard to right tack to cover. The defensive line hasn't been much better. Justin Harrell. What have the Packers gotten from guys they traded up to get in the second round Mike Neal and Jerel Worthy? When is C.J. Wilson going to make good on his boast of making the league regret leaving him to the draft's final day? Time and time again the inadequacies at the trenches on both sides of the ball by the Packers have been exposed on these kinds of games and it's cost the Pack dear. The losses to the Giants Sunday night and in the playoff last January, the opening day debacle against San Fran., the first half of the Seattle game, and the losses to The Traitor and the Vikings in '09 that kept Green Bay from the division title are all prime examples of the problem. If you want to know why the Packers are probably headed for another "one and done" in the playoffs Sunday night was the demonstration. There's not much that can be done about it now but in the next offseason TT had better address his lines the way he went after defense this past year.

on November 28th, 2012 at 06:00am

Cedric out for the year. Crap! Running game will not get any respect so expect 2-deep safety and fierce pass rush against Rodgers for rest of the year.

on November 29th, 2012 at 02:23pm

If you can't stop Ahmad Bradshaw, something called Brown, and something called Wilson---you ain't stopping AP. So get over it and get used to 7-5.

on November 29th, 2012 at 06:55am

Packerlifer, are you serious? You're blaming TT for Sherrod getting a broken leg? I suppose you're blaming him for Bulaga's hip injury. Please people have some common sense. Oh, and Cane, if you didn't notice NY has a passing game, something the Queens haven't sniffed for a few years now. How's Simpson working out for ya? Maybe Percy is toking up so he'll at least be on the field to give some sort of passing game. You're dismissed.

on November 30th, 2012 at 09:17am

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