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This One Becomes A Bear Necessity

Posted September 12th, 2012 @ 09:09pm

Strange thing, this Thursday night game in week 2. On one hand, it allows you to forget about San Francisco and move right on to the next opponent and turn things around. On the other hand, if you slip up at home against the Bears, you have 11 days to think about an 0-2 start at home before heading to Seattle for a Monday night game.

This just doesn't feel like the best time to face Chicago. They're coming in a confident bunch, having dispatched of the Colts easily, after a tight first half. They're watching the film of the Pack's opener and figuring they''' be able to move the ball up and down the field. Green Bay's run defense was atrocious in game one and Mike Tice, the Bears' new offensive coordinator will test it early using his two-headed attack of Matt Forte and Michael Bush.

The last time Brandon Marshall played at Lambeau he made Chad Henne look like an all pro. He and Jay Cutler have great chemistry and will be a dangerous duo all season. Tramon Williams will be assigned the task of keeping #15 under wraps as much as possible. Cutler will take some chances and if Williams can pick one it might swing the game in a key moment.

With Davon House at least a week away, we'll get more Jarrett Bush and Sam Shields and they will need to be much better than they were in the opener. Same goes for the safeties, who found themselves lost in zone coverage all day. The inexperience in the back end is a concern, putting even more importance on a pass rush that got to Alex Smith four times, but for the rest of the day allowed him to be way too comfortable.

The Bears should be able to move the ball; the question is whether we'll see the Packers' offense we're accustomed to seeing, or the one we've seen a little too often since last year's game in Kansas City. Rodgers rarely puts up big numbers on this defense and may be without Greg Jennings, who's listed as doubtful, though Adam Schefter is reporting his odds may be as high as 50-50 to play with a groin injury.

With or without Jennings, expect to see more Randall Cobb all over the field and expect to see more patience with the running game and Cedric Benson. The Bears defense is above average,  but it's aging at linebacker and is nowhere near as stout against the run as the 49ers are. This should give us a better indication of where the Pack's running game stands. Jeff Saturday needs a better game, as does Marshall Newhouse.

The Packers have won four straight over the Bears and Cutler is 1-6 against the green and gold. The Pack has also won seven straight division games. But none of that really matters. Chicago comes in hungry and confident while the Pack is angry, humbled and maybe a bit anxious. We'll see how close Brian Urlacher is to 100%: if he's a liability in coverage the Pack will attack him.

I expect a close, see-saw game that could go either way. On this night, the intangibles fall our way. A late Cutler turnover clinches it: Packers 24  Bears 21

Hope to see some of you at the Park Tavern Thursday night. I'll be watching the game from the 11th frame in back. Always a great night, with food and drink specials and other prizes. Plus, a chance to win tickets to "Lombardi," coming to the Twin Cities this fall.


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October 17,2010....10 for 127.....23-20. This is what Tramon Williams will see in watching film from that day. Brandon Marshall catching 10 passess for 127 yards in a Miami 23-20 overtime victory over the Pack. After Charles Woodson was called for 2 penalties against Marshall ...Williams took over and fared no better. This was with a no name Miami QB....Jay Cutler will be much tougher. And who knows how the replacement refs will call this matchup. While the Bears have an improved running game....this is likely the matchup that will determine the outcome of this game. Good Luck Tramon Williams....he seems fired up for the challenge from what he has said this week. We need the good Tramon not the lost Tramon in this game. GO PACK GO !!

on September 12th, 2012 at 09:07pm

Covering Brandon Marshall will be tough enough but having Jarrett Bush cover Alshon Jeffrey is another very troubling thought. Will the Pack be able to stop the run at all? Will anybody step up at safety to pair with Morgan Burnett? Will anybody besides Matthews get pressure, and can they do it without blitzing? Will the Packers continue to get stuffed, on offense, whenever they try to run out of the single back shotgun formation? Can Jeff Saturday, at age 37, keep blitzers or inside rushers out of Rodger's face? A lot of issues need to be resolved and I'm not sure the Pack have had enough time to resolve them all. Let's face it, watching quality players like Scott Wells, Cullen Jenkins, Nick Collins and Desmond Bishop all either leave or go down, over the past couple seasons, has changed the team dramatically. I hope the team doesn't take too much of a step back this year. Not how you start but how you finish and all that.

on September 12th, 2012 at 09:31pm

Just a comment.....The posts on here by the Scheny Schen, AL, Packlifer, Bill the voice of reason and other true Packer regulars to this site are excellent and well thought out. We are all true diehards. If we can keep the Viking rif-raf off ( know we can't) and the other nonsense garbage this is truly a great sounding board. Davy....thank you for the site and to all keep up the great insights !!1 GO PACK GO !!

on September 13th, 2012 at 01:35pm

Packerlifer - that's a great take on the situation. There's enough of the gloom & doom types out there that are thinking the season is already lost. As Barreiro might say, "WE DON'T NEED YOU!" :-) Yes, this is an important game, moreso than Sunday's game, but it's not a true "must win" game. It's no fun starting out 0-2, especially where I work with all the Viking fans here thinking they'll be in 1st place all alone next week. Maybe so, so I hope they enjoy it while they can (they can dream, can't they?). Not to mention the two guys I work with that are Bears fans, one of them quite knowledgeable (yes I know, an oxymoron if ever there was one...), who I'm having a very enjoyable rally back and forth with trash talking emails today. But getting back to my original point, I'm expecting a much better effort tonight, but a low scoring one - Bears games usually are. Everyone needs to do their job. This is a tough stretch to endure, but it can be done. (Closed circuit to OSSG...thanks for the salute, right back at you!)

on September 13th, 2012 at 03:29pm

The season is not on the line tonight. It's a good game for the Packers to win for a lot of reasons and it is one of those where a loss could come back to bite later in a tiebreaker scenario. But a defeat is not the end of the marathon. We knew the first month of the 2012 schedule was going to be tough, with the 49ers & Bears just four days apart and then a trip to Seattle for a Monday nighter before that infamous "12th Man" crowd and then back to Lambeau for New Orleans. I thought the Pack would be doing well to come out of this stretch 2-2. After this comes a stretch where Green Bay can really make hay to position themselves for the final push. They get the Colts, Rams, Jaguars and Cardinals around a tough road trip to Houston just before the bye. It would be nice to see the Packers come up with a win over their oldest rivals and a victory will do much to restore shaken confidence in the Green & Gold after last Sunday, but the playoffs will be decided in December not September so don't put an overemphasis on tonight.

on September 13th, 2012 at 05:40am

hey guys, i still wish u guys would predict more and at least the score like dave and i do, it's all fun, and see who thinks they know the pack and alot of luck. ossg, u stole some of my thunder. tramon will have 2 picks tonite, and he is ready, look what he did to a.j. green. need some help from the refs though. how much will they let them play, hopefully both ways. i see #12 throwing for 340 and 4 td's, benson has to get 60 yds, rushing at least. pack needs this win and will win 31-27. if i'm right on this davey, u better hire me as a n assistant. let's have some fun and go packers

on September 13th, 2012 at 06:50pm

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