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Thoughts On Packers First 2012 53-Man roster

Posted September 1st, 2012 @ 02:09am

Ted Thompson got down to his initial 53 man roster on Friday night. For now the Packers have kept ten rookies (six drafted and four undrafted) and 27 defensive players vs. 23 offensive players. Expect both of those numbers to change a little.

Thompson kept just two backup offensive linemen--neither of whom figures to be a tackle. The release of veteran Reggie Wells means Thompson will be scanning the waiver wire in search of a tackle to add to the mix. With Derek Sherrod on the PUP list, the unit needs some insurance for the first half of the season. An injury to Newhouse would probably mean TJ Lang would replace him and Evan Dietrich-Smith would move in at guard.

Thompson elected to keep undrafted rookie WR Jarret Boykin over holdover practice squaders Tori Gurley and Diondre Borel--both of whom figure to land somewhere on Saturday. The coaches raved about Boykin's preparation, intensity, route running and hands. He ran a slow 40 time which kept teams away at the draft but he ended up leap frogging over two guys the team were high on.

For now four running backs made the team along with John Kuhn. I believe either Starks or Saine will be cut loose--probably when Mike Neal comes off his four game suspension. When Erik Walden returns from his one game suspension, look for someone like rookie safety Sean Richardson or Boykin to head to the practice squad.

The release of defensive lineman Daniel Muir was a surprise--it seemed he was having a strong camp. Former Dolphin Philip Merling made the team, and as a vested veteran, his salary is guaranteed. But he may become expendable when Neal returns.

We'll find out shortly who will be brought back to the practice squad. Expect to hear names like QB BJ Coleman, WR Dale Moss, FB Nic Cooper, T Andrew Datko and S Anthony Levine (if he clears waivers). And again, expect a tackle to be added before the team returns to the practice field.

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Here are some of my concerns related to the roster as the real season begins. I will give you my take on 2 players on offense and 2 on defense that need to step up and be major impacts for success this season. First on defense: 1-The loss of Desmond Bishop for the season is crucial....this will be as impactful to the defense as losing Cullen Jenkins was to the DL and overall defense was last year. Just as Jenkins replacement was never found ....could be the same with Bishop's replacement. Bishop never came out in the nickel or dime defenses last year and was hands down our best pass defense LB. If you noticed this year in preseason DJ Smith comes out in those packages and at 5' 11" along with Hawk at 6'1" does not give us the long inside LB'S to cover those quick short routes. This is where I would use James Jones as trade bait to aquire a longer more athletic inside LB in this pass happy league.. 2- The second guy we need to step up is Tramon Williams....we need the Tramon of 2010 not the Tramon of 2011. This is a passing league and we need his big play ability to return From what was shown in preseason I think he will be back. Now on offense the two key players we need improvement and more involvement from: 1- Randall Cobb....MM should use him more like our Percy Harvin....with Jordy Nelson and Jennings getting major attention from defenses Cobb should get some open space where he should shine. Would like to see him get more touches .....not many but maybe two a game as a rusher. I know we are concerned about him putting the ball his fumbles last year but with experience he should improve. He is a true game breaker that can make our offense more explosive. 2- JerMichael Finley....we need him to catch 60 -70 balls this year and produce in the red zone. If he can stay injury free and keep his head on straight and be more team oriented he can be dynamic. Production from these four areas can really lead to a very productive season. Just my takes !! GO PACK GO !!

on September 2nd, 2012 at 01:44pm

Here's some news I just found: Terrell Manning....the inside LB from North Carolina State who TT traded up to get in the 5th round was kind of a mystery until the last preseason game when he played extensively in AJ Hawk's position and led the team in tackles. Turns out the team was protecting him from the media as he did not miss any practices but was making no impressions. Turns out he had a stomah ailment that was caused by a parasite that caused him to lose 17 pounds in training camp. Took a long time to properly diagnose as he could not sleep and eat properly. He was just starting to regain strength for the last preseason game. We all know how TT loves draft choices.....look at the practice squad....almost all Packer camp the mystery on Manning finally came out. Keep an eye on this guy for possible LB help. GO PACK GO !!

on September 2nd, 2012 at 07:54pm

Dave, I'm not completely sold on Harrell either. But hopefully we won't have to see him enter any games this year. Let's keep an eye on what they do to shore up that offensive tackle depth. That's a rather glaring weakness at the moment.

on September 2nd, 2012 at 09:07pm

Also, I just can't get on board with everybody wanting to trade James Jones. I'd be very surprised to see him go. For one, he's currently signed to a team friendly contract. And he gives the team another home run threat at the position, to go along with Jennings and Nelson. He caught long TD passes from Rodgers that broke open the Atlanta and Detroit Thanksgiving games last year. Driver, Boykin and Borel are posession receivers and Finley is still, well...inconsistent. Jones might be on the replaceable side, if Cobb takes a step forward this year. Rodgers admitted to simply making a poor throw in the Cincinnati preseason game. It had nothing to do with Jones running the wrong route. Speaking of which, let's hope Rodger's 53 passer rating this preseason is more mirage than trend.

on September 2nd, 2012 at 11:42pm

Al, I probably said I was good with trading Jones. That doesn't mean I don't like him. If they stand pat with Jones, I'm good with that too. The Packers problems do not include wide receiver, unless an abundance is a problem. I still have my concerns about this team getting off to a slow start and gelling. Maybe, I'm seeing a correlation between a 15 and 1 record and what happens the next year. I know it didn't work out well for the Vikings.

on September 4th, 2012 at 09:07am

lynndickeyfan, I hear ya. I just figure even though they're deep now, I'm assuming there's a strong possibility they won't be beyond this year, which is one reason they might want to hang onto Jones. Also, they're probably going to try to make one last run, with who they have, this year. It's tough to see them paying Greg Jennings the money he's looking for next year and I have my doubts about Driver being on the team next year as well.

on September 4th, 2012 at 09:30am

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