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Expect a Giant Rebound by the Pack at Met Life.

Posted November 30th, 2019 @ 01:11am

Let's be honest here. We're not going to learn much about the Packers over the next two weeks, unless disaster strikes. The Giants and Redskins are in a race to the top of the draft and there is no reason we should be worried about the outcome in the fourth quarter.

This week's game in East Rutherford will be impacted by the weather, with rain and snow in the forecast all afternoon. The question is, will it impact the passing game, because that's where the Giants' defense is at its worst. They've struggled to rush the passer and their secondary is below average, so there should be plenty of opportunity for Aaron Rodgers to rebound from one of his worst performances last week.

Much has been made this week on how the passing offense has been too reliant on trying to target Davante Adams and not utilizing Aaron Jones enough. Expect Rodgers to spread the love on Sunday and expect the offense to get Jones involved early and often through the air and on the ground. Jones has had massive games in games following the Pack's first two losses. That trend should continue.

Amazingly, it sounds like Bryan Bulaga has a chance to play, but I'd let him heal for another week or two. If he doesn't go, it sounds like the Pack has seen enough of Alex Light and would move Billy Turner out to right tackle and put Lucas Patrick in at right guard. They added some tackle insurance over the holiday by claiming former Patriot and Bronco Jared Velheer, who retired before the season started. He's not on the active roster, but could be a better option if needed down the road, if he passes his physical.

The Giants, of course, are led by rookie QB Daniel Jones, who's shown flashes of competence, with a whole lot of ball security issues thrown in. He has turned the ball over 17 times in eight plus games, including thirteen fumbles--he's lost nine--and eight interceptions. On a wet, slushy afternoon, Mike Pettine's defense appears to be in line to take the ball away multiple times.

The Giants will do their best to make running back Saquon Barkley the centerpiece of their  offensive game plan, when you factor in the field conditions and the Pack's struggles against the run. Just like when they faced Christian McCaffrey, the defense needs to avoid giving up the big play and ideally, take the lead early and force Jones to throw.

He will be without his two best receiving options, as tight end Even Engram remains out with a foot injury. His backup, former Viking Rhett Ellison is also out.  And long-time Packer nemesis Golden Tate is out with a concussion after slamming his head in the turf last week in Chicago. His top target, WR Sterling Shepard will likely draw Jaire Alexander in coverage, leaving Kevin King to handle rookie Darius Slayton, who's had a few big games.

The Packers have bounced back nicely from their first two losses and they should follow suit against the Giants. The team was competitive against the Bears last week, but that's the Bears. The Pack should have a lot more fun on this coast, than the two miserable visits to the other coast.

Packers 24  Giants 13

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Comments (8):

Sounds like a plan, Paul. Let's just get rid of one of the best tacklers on the team right now, go out on the street and find the biggest, baddest linebacker who's standing around waiting to be signed. Two thumbs up, buddy. We get it...nothing short of FULL CONSISTENCY.

on December 1st, 2019 at 04:23pm

I’m glad you’re thanksgiving was made Greg,what did you have,a big plate of Dumbshit,sure sounds like it!!!

on December 1st, 2019 at 05:46pm

Please talk about Martinez and how he's undersized and needs to be replaced. He's why we can't stop the run. He's too light and small, we need a Middle line backer, a big one!

on December 1st, 2019 at 07:31am

Well, that wasn't much of a test, as expected. The defense sat back and mostly just tried to stay upright on a slick field, allowing them to come away with, what, 3 interceptions. Just the sort of thing that leads to a double digit victory. The Pack played it pretty safe in this one. As it is, we didn't learn much. The team didn't show any improvement or growth in any of the 3 phases, or the 4th phase, which is coaching. That is the phases that is the most primed to show growth. We will have to wait to see what happens when we re-enter division play for that. LaFleur has all but certainly secured himself a second year at the helm. How high is the ceiling of success for LeFleur is the real question that we don't yet have an answer for and won't for a while. Unlike an old dog, we just don't know what tricks this pup might yet show us. Martinez? Remember AJ Hawk? Well, Martinez makes contact closer to the line of scrimmage than Hawk ever did. It's a different defense. It might help to remember that Perfect is the enemy of good. I think your real beef here probably should be with the guy next to him. Who is that? Exactly, that guy is situational. They don't have another full time starter that can play there. Inside linebacker isn't sexy, but yeah we'll probably be looking for another one next year.

on December 1st, 2019 at 08:41pm

The team was competitive against the Bears last week, but that's the Bears. Wait, what? I just saw the Bears legitimately beat the Lions. Davey thinking there is a gap between the packers and bears makes my Thanksgiving weekend.

on November 30th, 2019 at 02:46am

Ahh another moronic comment by Greg,packers beat the Bears Greg,Vikings got there ass kicked by the Bears Greg remember,cousins was outstanding!!Like I’ve said,a real stupid fan base in Minnesota and dipshit Greg proves it!!

on November 30th, 2019 at 07:25am

Matt LaFleur's abilities and progress as an NFL head coach will now be put to their sternest tests. The first 8 games look like a breeze now after the Packers have dropped 2 of 3 and been whipped badly in two and needing a goal line tackle to save the game in between. They're at the point now where the offense can no longer be a "work in progress" but needs to find its identity and adaptablility to opponent and situations and establish consistency. Mike Pettine must figure out how to put his players in position to succeed even though his defense is still short a couple of difference makers on the line and inside linebacking. If the Packers can't beat and beat decisively these next two opponents something isn't right in Denmark. Some tantalizing possibilities still stand in front of the Packers. They can control their own destiny for most. Some help from Seattle on Monday night, the 49ers and Saints maybe dropping a couple each with some tough scheduling ahead of them and Green Bay just might come through with an NFC North title and a one or two playoff "seed" with a bye and home field playoff games. Pretty good stuff for a rookie head coach.

on November 30th, 2019 at 09:30am

Dude must be Cane's understudy. Only thing that makes sense.

on November 30th, 2019 at 10:07pm

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