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If Draft Falls Their Way, Packers Could Give LaFleur Some New Toys.

Posted April 22nd, 2019 @ 09:04pm

Draft week is finally here and with ten picks, including two in the first round and three in the top 44, Brian Gutekunst and his staff have a chance to add some key pieces to the roster and give their new coach some guys that fit the way they want to play on offense.

At #12 and #30, I think there is a good chance that Gutey will field offers to move down and add picks. For this year's exercise, I'm factoring in a pair of trades that, in the end, net Gutey one first round pick and three seconds.

A reminder that in the eight years I've done this, I've gotten exactly one player right: Randall Cobb. So take that with a grain of salt. Here's how I see the top of the draft falling, followed by my picks for the Pack.

1--Arizona: Kyler Murray, QB Oklahoma

2--SF: Nick Bosa, DE, Ohio State

3--N.Y. Jets: Quinnen Williams, DT, Alabama

4--Oakland: Ed Oliver, DE, Houston

5--Tampa Bay: Devin White, LB, LSU

6--N.Y. Giants: Josh Allen, LB, Kentucky

7--Jacksonville: Jawann Taylor, OT, Florida

8--Detroit: Rashan Gary, DE, Michigan

9--Buffalo: Jonah Williams, OT, Alabama

10--Denver: Devin Bush, LB, Michigan

11--Cincinnati: Dwayne Haskins, QB, Ohio State

12--Packers: TJ Hockenson, TE, Iowa--If a top defender like Oliver, White or maybe even Bush is still on the board, I think the Pack would go in that direction. But if the draft falls this way, I think the Pack will pounce on the multi-faceted Hockenson, who can step in quickly and be a capable blocker in the run game and provide a reliable third down and red zone target, as well as a downfield threat. I've seen him mocked to the Jags, Lions, Bills and Bengals, so there's no guarantee he'll be there at 12, but ultimately, those teams have bigger needs and I don't see them picking him. A number of prominent mocks have the Pack taking TJ's Hawkeye teammate Noah Fant here, but it seems too early to me. Fant could be in play at 30 if the Pack go in another direction here, but if TJ is gone, I see the Pack taking Clemson defensive tackle Christian Wilkins at 12. He's everything you want in a D lineman, versatile, smart, a leader, extremely athletic and would look great alongside Kenny Clark and Mike Daniels. With the latter a pending free agent, he provides some insurance as well. A sneaky wildcard here is Notre Dame's DT Jerry Tillery, whom the Pack loves and who got a positive medical report on his shoulder this week.

(2) 36--Parris Campbell, WR, Ohio St.--The Packers trade down six slots and grab a Randall Cobb replacement that could become a taller version of Percy Harvin. The Packers trade pick 30 to San Francisco, for picks 36 and 105. Campbell is exactly the kind of player that the Packers lack and that LaFleur covets. A former track star, he has blazing speed and can be used in jet sweeps, bubble screens and serve as a threat in the middle of the field. He also steps into the long vacant kick returner role.

(2) 44--Juan Thornhill, FS, Virginia--Safeties are likely to fall off the board at the top of the second round (along with wide receivers) but the guy the Packers covet is still on the board here. A three time state champion high school basketball player, he would complement Adrian Amos perfectly, handling centerfield duties while Amos patrols near the line of scrimmage. This is a huge position of need for the Pack and they should have their choice of several good ones here.

2 (62)--Max Scharping, OT, N. Illinois-- Gutey jumps back into the bottom of the second round by swinging a trade with the Chiefs, who have yet to make a selection, but are willing to wait a little longer for an extra pick. Green Bay sends #75 and #114 to the Chiefs for this pick, where the Pack plucks the Green Bay native to learn under Bryan Bulaga for a year (or until he gets injured) and then step into the right tackle spot. Scharping dominated from day one at NIU and has proven in the post-season and at the combine that he can compete with the big boys. Pass protection needs some work, but he's expected to excel as a run blocker right out of the gate. We Packer fans just hope that this move works out better than the last time the Pack traded back into the second round to grab a tackle.

(4) 105--Germaine Pratt, ILB, NC State--As usual, the Packers will find a former safety-turned linebacker in the Oren Burks mold (and maybe Josh Jones, too). Pratt didn't become a starter until his senior season, but had a breakout year for the Wolfpack, earning first team all ACC honors. With Jake Ryan's departure, the Packers hope Pratt competes with Burks to earn snaps in Pettine's defense.

(4) 118--Austin Bryant, DL, Clemson--If the Packers don't land a defensive lineman before Saturday, Bryant would fit the bill as their first pick of the day. A two year starter who's obviously played on college football's biggest stage, Bryant needs to get stronger, but won't be counted on a lot in 2019.

(5) 150--Tony Pollard, RB, Memphis--The Packers need to add a quality third back and Pollard gives the Pack a different kind of runner, who also provides much needed return skills--he returned seven kicks for touchdowns with the Tigers. Watch a YouTube collection of his highlights and you will see what he could add to the offense. He's a terrific pass catcher and gadget play guy who would be an ideal third down addition to the running attack.

(6) 185--Porter Gustin, OLB, USC --Gustin reminded many of Clay Matthews when he arrived at USC, but those comparisons ended quickly because he couldn't stay on the field, missing a majority of his last two seasons. He works his butt off though and is as intense as they come, so the Pack take a flyer that he can stay healthy and try to untap that potential at the NFL level.

(6) 194--Gardner Minshew, QB, Washington St. --There's been a lot of speculation about whether the Packers might draft a QB early this year, since Brett Favre was the same age as Rodgers when Green Bay pounced on #12 in 2005. I think they'll wait till late in the draft to take a flyer and Minshew is intriguing. He doesn't have the strongest arm but he understands how to play and stepped into a difficult role with the Cougars (after the suicide of Tyler Hilinski) and led them to 11 wins. Packers bring him to camp and see if he can beat out Boyle for the QB3 role.

(7) 226--Blace Brown, CB, Troy--Surely the Pack can't go through a draft without adding a cornerback, so they take a shot on Brown, a nephew of Herschel Walker and a converted wide receiver. He tore his ACL near the end of the '17 season and wasn't fully himself last season, but teams like his instincts and football IQ. Could become a special teams ace and a rotational corner, for a group that has some question marks after Alexander.

Alright, faithful readers: take your shots and give me your thoughts on what you hope or think the Packers will do in the draft. As always, I'll analyze the first three rounds and look ahead to the later rounds on "In the Zone," Saturday at 8am on KFAN and iHeart Radio.


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Old Timers you know..this is my favorite time of the year...Packer 7 round mock draft. But first the criteria I follow and the steps I take to make these picks. 1- Read every mock draft I can find since Febuary. 2- Watch more drills from the combine than episoded of Game of Thrones. 3- Try and pick the minds of Larry,LDF,Voice,Packlifer,Badger Bob, and 1266 Lombardi Guy. 4- Consult with Dave from Shakopee and Dave from Maple Grove. 5- Finally, do and think exactly the opposite of what PA from Kfan says as he is always wrong. So...on to my picks. I believe the Pack must keep their two number ones...they may trade within the round but must keep two number ones. Remember the last time we had two number ones...BJ Raji and Clay Mathews. On to the Super Bowl. Round 1- If TJ Hock or Ed Oliver are available Gutey sprints out of the war room setting a new record of 3.98 for the 40 to get one of them. Unfortunately...they both will be gone Oliver to Oakland and TJ to Jack or Buffalo. That said...Gutey is happy to take LB Devin Bush of Michigan a protypical high impact sideline to sideline LB who can actually tackle and cover a tight end. With TT's free agent LB's we never have had anyone like this since Dave Robinson. This guy is a future all pro and perfect for our defense. Round 1- With the second pick in round one we take Dalton Risner -Kansas State. The drafts made ready right tackle who will play for and eventually replace the NFL version of the NBA's Derrick Rose. Brian Bulaga...who we know like Rose is a half season wonder. Buluga after 8 games max will be in rehab and Risner who can also play guard will comfortably slide in. Round 2- We need a guy who can play along with Amos and we need a ball hawk defender. Here we pick the great Herb Adderly's nephew Nasir Adderly...a 5'11'' 200 pound too all safety who unlike recent Packer safetie's is a ball hawking tackling machine. Round 3- Irv Smith..TE Alabama...6-4 240 ..We miss on the two Iowa kids but this guy is not far behind. Good blocker with speed and soft hands and comes from the tough SEC competition. Round 4- Paris Cambell--Do everything split and slot end, half back and kick returner. A hybrid in the Randall Cobb mold will give Rodgers a fast,4.38 forty slot receiver and give us a much needed kick returner. Round 4- Second pick of round we stay with the Big Ten and take Miles Sanders RB Penn State. This guy followed Shay Barkley and is a nice 3rd down back who can catch and complement Jones and Williams. Round 5- Chris Slayton.DT, Syracuse. 6-4, 309. The tape shows that this guy had to take on more double teams than most any D lineman in college. Great intensity and would help our Dline as a rotational player. Round 6- Here is where we go for a QB. Clayton Thorson 6-4 220 from Northwestern. Three year starter and smartest player and leader to play for coach Fitz at NW. Good arm and pocket presence. Would replace Kizer. Round 6- With the second selection in round 6 we go offensive line and take Javon Patterson 6-3 306 .OG or OT from Ole Miss. He took on all the tough guys in the SEC and graded well. Round 7- Kris Boyd, CB, Texas...When healthy one of the best DB's in his league. 6'0" 195 tough and physical. Known as good tackler which we sorely need. There you have it OSSG's mock. Lets get 3 or 4 starters out of this draft and move forward. GO PACK GO !!

on April 22nd, 2019 at 07:44pm

Assuming the Packers hold their positions with their first rounders I think their wisest course is to address defense and o-line with the first two picks. I rather hope they don't reach for a tight end just to take a tight end. They already have a lot of young offensive skill position players and appear to regard their current tight ends positively since they kept all 3 this offseason. Continuing to improve the defense and shore up the o-line can net them two new and long term foundational players. The Packers have traditionally found their receivers and backs in the second round on. Jermichael Finley was a third round selection. They can get their new Greg Jennings, Randall Cobb, James Jones, Davante Adams or Eddie Lacy in those middle rounds. But defense and o-line are the critical, foundational "gets" for this draft.

on April 23rd, 2019 at 06:02am

OSSG, that is scary, not sure if you noticed, I did my picks yesterday on previous post. I have them taking Bush also if he is there. he may be gone too though. A lot of drafts have my Guy Taylor, OT from Fla. gone too. funny, I almost said Wilkins like THC said. but I have this feeling now Gary is going to drop cause of his shoulder. and lions are going to take Bush. so I am changing my Pick to Dillard, OT from wash st. I had Pack taking Brown WR. from Ol miss. or Irv Smith at 30. he wont last till 3rd round, No way. come on Voice, take a guess, you other guys too, what the hell. we normally are Always wrong any way. but makes it fun. Go Packers

on April 23rd, 2019 at 11:28am

My feeling with this new regime is they will prize talent over numbers, the opposite of TT. I agree with Packerlifer. I'm surprised not to see Sweet mentioned. I would prefer they triple down on a rusher after picking up the 2 Smith's in free agency and then go o Line. Still I'm not dead set on anyone, best player available at 12 is good with me, pro used it's not a qb, cb, or wide out. We need to hit on some true talent. Ok, just for Larry. Oliver drops and we take the aT.E. Fant after that. :)

on April 24th, 2019 at 09:23pm

Its Christmas in Packer land today. I know most of you remember when I said in 2011 we should give up out first 3 picks and 1 of our 4th's and move up and get JJ watt, most of u thought I was nuts, looks pretty good today. all those picks were gone 3 years ago except Cobb, now he is,. this will never happen, but this is how much I think this guy will be in HOF some day. I would give up our 12th, 30th and one of our 4th round picks and move up to 4 and take Devin White, LB from LSU. he is Ray Lewis all over again, hopefully w/o the shooting investigation. had to throw it out there. looking back in the archives, my picks and OSSG picks did better then a lot of TT's did. but we will see. GO Packers.

on April 25th, 2019 at 01:09pm

I'd laugh my ass off if the Packers continued to neglect their defense by taking a TE at #12. Please do. Also, drafting another DT when your secondary can't cover falling leaves? Good plan! Time to put old THC out to pasture. He just ain't all there anymore!

on April 25th, 2019 at 09:29am

Funny that the Packers draft the positions that they addressed in free agency. I'm not against it , I just find it interesting.

on April 25th, 2019 at 10:03pm

Daniel Jones...QB has been hurt for so much of the last few years. Time to move on.

on April 25th, 2019 at 10:13am

This draft is a bust. Sinikyn will still claim to love it, but this draft is a joke

on April 25th, 2019 at 10:20pm

I don't get it. THC had Gary to Detroit, Torn lab rum, not enough production. I hope he is not a another Worthy, wanted him 2 weeks ago and I posted, BUT , when I heard about the torn shoulder and work ethic, plus he scored a 9 on wonderlic test, worst of all of them. not impressed, you never know. don't need to be smart to play defense I guess. I changed my mind, sure hope I'm wrong. how do you not move up and get Oliver? maybe they tried. I love Savage, but did they need to give up 2 -4th round picks? sure Hope we can get a OL in 2nd round, Riesner would be great to steal now at 44. or wr, love Deebo samuel or AJ brown. we will see,

on April 26th, 2019 at 12:20pm

on April 27th, 2019 at 08:32pm

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