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Thoughts on the Pack's Moves as the Trade Deadline Dust Settles

Posted October 31st, 2018 @ 04:10pm

This is now clearly Gutey's team.

The march continues to move on from many of Ted Thompson's marginal draft picks, but this narrative that the Packers were sellers on Tuesday is flawed, in my opinion. As Brian Gutekunst met the media on Wednesday, his message was clear: "Football is the ultimate team game and taking individual pieces out doesn't necessarily weaken the team," he said.

This speaks to the chemistry in the locker room. Clinton-Dix was vocal in recent weeks, speaking out that he didn't expect to be back next season. Those kind of comments don't do much to embrace the mission in the defensive team meetings. Most players keep those comments to themselves until after the season.

Clinton-Dix was the epitome of an average safety in his time with the Pack. He was durable, played nearly every snap every week and was prone to pick off a pass here and there. But he also was a missed tackling machine, was slow to react and didn't embrace the role of being a big hitter. He was looking at a potential $8 million/year payday after the season and the Pack had no intention of retaining him.

If you look at Mike Pettine's defenses with the Bills and Jets, they weren't constructed to pay big money to their safeties. They had studs on the line and at linebacker, along with great cover corners. The Pack will look at the linebacker position in free agency next season, along with someone to replace Muhammad Wilkerson. With Daniels, Clark and the impressive young corners, there are significant pieces already in place.

As for the idea that the defense has taken a step backward this season with HHCD's departure, let's see how things unfold. They clearly like the intelligence and energy that Jermaine Whitehead brings to the table, and will likely mix and match some corners in that spot against past happy teams (like this week). I'd think Bashaud Breeland and Tramon Williams will get some run at safety. Last year's #2 pick Josh Jones also has a big opportunity to step up, though he's reportedly been slow to pick up the schemes (something that slowed Morgan Burnett's development in his early years too).

Ty Montgomery's departure was inevitable after the reports surfaced about how the final few minutes of the game played out, with him throwing a hissy fit when he was pulled on the Pack's last offensive drive and then ignoring the coaches' pleas to take a knee on the fateful kickoff return. Even if he was worried that he was too close to the goal line, he had one job: to get the ball back to Rodgers. He failed. He also was adding very little to the Pack's offense of late. His conversion to running back has been a mixed bag, but it's abundantly clear that this offense runs much more efficiently with Aaron Jones leading the way. Jamal Williams is a capable change of pace back. That's all they need--Montgomery is another guy who would not have been re-signed.

By trading him rather than cutting him, the Pack didn't allow mad scientist Bill Belichick to scoop him up this week and do a brain dump to learn whatever he could about the Pack's offensive tendencies leading up to Sunday night. Getting a pick, even a seventh rounder, was a win for the Packers.

I like what Gutey's doing. I mean, swinging hard for Dante Fowler or Landon Collins on Tuesday would've been fun. And maybe they did go down those roads a bit, but didn't like the asking price.

Big picture, Gutekunst is moving this roster further into the 21st century. His 2018 draft class has added a number of big-time athletic players to the roster and he has an extra #1, #4 and #6 in next year's draft, along with an estimated $43 million in cap space to beef up the front seven on D in 2019 free agency, where he has already said he plans to be active.

Sure, the Pack appears to be a step behind the Rams and the Saints in the NFC right now, but it doesn't look like anyone will run away and hide in the North. Having cleaned up the locker room, now they must build on their defensive performance in LA, give Aaron Jones and that running game a chance to do its thing and squeeze at least two wins out of the next four games. Accomplish those things and the Packers will be in the thick of the North race when the schedule eases up in December.



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So, It often feels like more trolls come here than Packer fans. I wonder if people could just comment "read" if they read a post, but have nothing to add. I'm sure THC has ticker of reads, but it's just heavy with troll breath down here. I totally agree with dumping HA HA, always standing around the pile, waiting, just waiting. After seeing Ty's body language after every kick off he didn't get to run out, I'm OK with his departure too. Neither of these players are true impact players. They are replaceable. It sure doesn't feel like a Superbowl years, but nothing has been decided yet. Coaching and mindset. We do need this next one though.....

on November 1st, 2018 at 03:28pm

Time for the full rebuild imo. It's already rumored they are looking to trade erin to Jags for bortles and 3rd. I think after this week it becomes clear team has zero talent. Looking like a 55-16 drubbing.

on November 1st, 2018 at 09:23am

Wow...A lot of PA clones come out of the trash pile on this site. More and more"false trash"from the trophy want a be's. On to real Packer talk...Davy you were right on...these were good sound moves by Gutey...releasing Monty was a no brainer and anyone who actually watches Packer games knows HA HA was going downhill. A very poor tackler and beat too deep too often on late help or one on one's. He would walk next year and the compensatory pick would be lower than the 4th we got for him from the Skins. Would have been nice for Gutey to get Fowler or Joseph from Oakland but the prices were probably too high. We should see some of what Breeland can do and I do like trying to move Williams to safety and putting Jackson on the corner. And please MM more touches and plays for A Jones. GO PACK GO !!

on November 1st, 2018 at 11:20am

Dear lord the drivel you spit out... I know you suck farts out of Arodg but I had no idea you servicesd "gluteye" as well. As usual your delusion is obvious. Lets start here, " With Daniels, Clark and the impressive young corners, there are significant pieces already in place" Impressive corners? Your defensive backfield is the bog of eternal stench, not that c-dix was particularly great, but if garden variety sloth excrement is impressive, then yeah, I guess they qualify. "now they must build on their defensive performance in LA" oh please, The Rams basically took the first half off, the Packers had 2 weeks to prepare, and still had their d shredded for over 400 yards and 29 points. "Big picture, Gutekunst is moving this roster further into the 21st century." Well if that means continuing to flush HOF QB play down the toilet, then yes "glutey" is elite in this regard. I think the fart sucking is causing a cognitive impairment.

on October 31st, 2018 at 01:14pm

Pretty sure I could find articles on how Clinton-Dix was a top safety and how the team got better with this soon-to-be perennial all pro. Now that he has been traded, he was an average safety which will easily be replaced. Packers are making a statement that they believe they are out of the running and must now build for the future.

on October 31st, 2018 at 01:50pm

Hey Dave, Heard about your blog from some guy selling Brats in the Walmart parking lot on my way home from my State Farm Agents office the other day. Thought I'd check it out. Me n Danica are doing well, Clay is still singing in the hotels. Been a rough couple weeks huh? Glad to see Ty get the boot, I've been asking Cart-dog to send that cat elsewhere for a LONG time. HaHa was our only good defensive playmaker (outside of my boy RoidRage of course). Anyways, Thanks for $100+M guaranteed. I will do my best, but man this roster is a dumpster fire.

on October 31st, 2018 at 03:03pm

To THC, if you cant stop these idiots to come on your blog Dave, your losing a lot of good Packer fans, who have intelligence and just having some fun and making predictions that I like to do, and others have followed. I know you can block these fools. I have always said. let them go vent on Queens line. did you notice there was not one of them on here when they lost to the Saints. as soon as you write something, there brave again. get rid of them or you blog will die. Packers fan ,

on October 31st, 2018 at 10:47pm

Congrats on giving up on the season.

on October 31st, 2018 at 12:01pm

Guys traded Montgomery for a 2020 7th. You had 3 7ths this year, and only 1 is on your roster. Also, you traded haha to the skins for a 4th. J’mon Moore, your 4th this year, has caught 1 pass. You can get that talent in an undrafted player (cough, cough, Adam Thielen). Congrats on throwing away 2 good players.

on October 31st, 2018 at 12:35pm

Oh Synner!! Just when I thought your delusion couldn't get any worse, you pen this drivel. Where should Mom start? "Football is the ultimate team game and taking individual pieces out doesn't necessarily weaken the team," Yeah...if you have a replacement. It must be why Jones hasn't sniffed the field this year - they've been saving him. "Ty Montgomery's departure was inevitable..." because he just followed the rest of the 2015 draft. See ya!! "Gutekunst is moving this roster further into the 21st century." Too bad yore HOF QB will wither into retirement before it happens. "the Pack appears to be a step behind the Rams and the Saints in the NFC right now..." and the Eggos...and the Punthers...and the Seachickens...and the Vikes...and the Falcons.... Don't stahp believin' bud, this rip-fest page it too fun to quit.

on October 31st, 2018 at 12:38pm

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