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Fit To Be Tied.

Posted September 17th, 2018 @ 01:09pm

I'm not sure where to start. You come away from the game feeling like the Pack dodged a bullet, courtesy of the ineptitude of the Vikes' rookie kicker. But you also feel like Green Bay gave away an opportunity for a big home win, in a game that they controlled all afternoon.

Beginning with the Geronimo Allison blocked punt that culminated in a Josh Jackson touchdown, the Pack had this one in control. Clearly Rodgers was operating at about 70%, but the line was doing a solid job keeping the ferocious Vikings defense away, for the most part.

Fans were left complaining about a barrel full of officials' calls, but I'm going to leave that alone. There were terrible calls that affected both sides. I decided long ago not to engage with the Twittersphere during Packer-Viking games. It served me well on Sunday. The truth is, bad calls aside, the Packers gave the Vikes a chance to get back in the game with their preposterous play calling down the stretch.

McCarthy's decision to pass twice in the red zone with Green Bay clinging to a five point lead and Minnesota holding two precious timeouts was mind-numbing. From his perspective, a touchdown there puts the game away. But the offense was not operating at peak efficiency all afternoon and at that point Rodgers had to be hurting. By forcing Minnesota to use their timeouts, it would have changed everything on their game-tying drive.

The Pack had struggled in the red zone all day, getting just one touchdown in five opportunities. Give the Vikings defense partial credit and understand that Rodgers' lack of mobility was partially the cause as well. In my mind, McCarthy should have played it safe there and run the ball, force Minnesota to use its timeouts and then turn it over to the defense to try to make one more stop.

Which leads us to Kirk Cousins. I've been vocal for months that I thought they made a mistake by paying him all that money when they had a similar QB in Case Keenum. Cousins was terrific on Sunday, extending plays, making good reads and keeping the Pack's pass rush at bay. He was aided by the fact that Davon House was called in to replace Kevin King in the fourth quarter--House couldn't stay with Stefan Diggs and the 75 yard touchdown was the play of the day. King's inability to stay on the field early in his career is becoming a talking point--and one the defense really can't afford.

The Pack's defense is a work in progress. There is much to be encouraged about, but there will be growing pains against top offenses. Let's hope this is the last 400 yard passing day they surrender. The run defense was solid, so that's encouraging.

These teams will look strikingly different in the rematch on Thanksgiving weekend. The Vikes will have a different kicker and, one would assume, a healthier offensive line. The Pack hope to have Rodgers and Adams operating at 100%, running back Aaron Jones in the fold and a defense that is much more comfortable running Mike Pettine's system. It should be a great battle to watch as these two teams wrestle for the North crown.

Let's just hope both fan bases don't bemoan the officiating next time--and that we're talking about the success or failure of our teams' play on the field. That's what makes us love this game.

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Well, THC doesn't have to complain , but I will. I re-watched the game just now,, the call on hendricks was not roughing 12 , BUT that was it for them, they missed the holding Grahams arm on 40 yd pass play on sidelines, then call Offensive pass int. on Adams next play. took a td from Adams on holding call on Lane, wasn't much there at all, and I would say the same thing if it was vikes OL that did it. listen to to the announcers and retired ref, not me saying it. its them. and I agree. the one on 52 was wrong just like Hendricks call but cost them a lot more. the game. I disagree with on running the ball too and end of regulation. you put the ball ball in best players hand and let him win the game, the D had not stopped them the whole 4th qtr. and were wore out. they went down in scored in 1.20 seconds, and only used 1 t.o. and all they had to do was kill the clock if they had no timeouts, I think if you look at it, the vikes will be more pissed cause of kicker, but we let this and refs let it slip by. exciting game, but hate ties. Go Packers.

on September 17th, 2018 at 01:27pm

You know GB was given way more help that Minn was. The 1st sack on cousins should've been waived off for #27 being offsides and there was a PF that was not called when he hit Cousins in the head while sacking him. Then there were the countless blatant holds GB wasn't called for. Had the refs done their job, this game wouldn't have been a contest. GB coaches their line to grab outside the shoulders which is a penalty for any other team not name "packers." It's sickening what's happening to the NFL. The league is turning into the NBA where the elite get the calls and the less poplar ones don't.

on September 17th, 2018 at 02:52pm

I just got done with my press conference, but thought I should keep the rubes on here updated. I told Speilman to get rid of the kicker and he did. Treadwell may be next. Like I said before on this blog, Larry said on here on 8-21 My Gm is an idiot and never go with a rookie kicker when your trying to win the Super Bowl. do any of you know how I can get a hold of Larry somehow? hopefully we can get Bailey and he will help us down the stretch run. we did some good things, and were out played for 3 quarters yesterday. we played great in the 4th. both teams think they should have won, both think they could have lost. we will see them later in our house. M. Zimmer

on September 17th, 2018 at 03:15pm

I think that game deserved the tie it was. Yes, it was hard fought. Yes, both team gave away chances to win. It just feels like the right outcome for what happened. It's probably easier to say that since the last play was a missed Viking's field goal. I can't be mad at Crosby. I can't be mad at Matthews. I think I may have to reevaluate my 27 and 17 rules. 27 points = offense did its job 17 points held to= defense did its job. The new rules help the offense so much it might need to be 32 and 21. I have to crunch some numbers on that.

on September 17th, 2018 at 03:20pm

Let’s be honest the “Rogers” rule has hurt a lot of teams this season and lead to points for both sides in this contest. It’s sad in a great contest where we all saw how good Rogers and Cousins are that penalties are what is talked about. Cousins outplayed Rogers in this one and some of it was the injury and some of it was the Vikings have a better defense. It’s a crazy league I mean who would have thought the best QB through two weeks is Fitzmagic? This game will matter though in this division as the Vikings are more than likely going to win at home in the rematch at home where they have been unbeatable. A lot of things will change as the season goes as my team showed you need more than Brady and Gronkowski, the packers defense needs to improve a lot as they got shredded in the pass and the Vikings offensive line abs kicker need to change or I think it will be the Rams NFC to loose.

on September 17th, 2018 at 08:34am

You're welcome. I kept my hankie in my pocket on the constant OL holding, giving you guys the ability to keep precious little Aaron upright. Tell overrated goldilocks to quit his hypocritical whining to himself--he definitely earned that roughing call.

on September 17th, 2018 at 08:43am

always like your take on the Pack and ability to absorb Minnesota fans. Agree with your take, not happy with play calling from McCarthy down the stretch. The NFL new rules and changes are not fan friendly, getting hard to watch.....

on September 17th, 2018 at 08:54am

Vikes fan here. I thought your game analysis was spot on. Hard fought game which deserved to have a winner and a loser. It's a shame for both teams that it ended in a tie. And yes, the officiating was poor all the way around for both teams. Calls that should have been made that weren't and vice versa. Needs to improve.

on September 17th, 2018 at 09:35am

We'd better start winning a few games or, Betty and Wilma won't want to attend any longer (

on September 18th, 2018 at 05:02am

There's plenty of "shouldas," "wouldas" and "couldas" to be cited on both sides for this one. Bad kicking. Bad officiating. Bad rule making. But it's a game the Packers should have closed out before those issues surfaced. In the larger scheme the tie is a half-win for the Vikes and a half-loss for the Pack. It was a home division game and you have to win those to win the division and maybe even make the playoffs at all. Last time, in 1978, these two clubs played a tie and ended up tied at season's end the tiebreaker as a result went to them and Packers missed the playoffs entirely. The Packers needed to bring a hard rush on qb and should have been able to do so against their line but didn't. The Packers are paying some $36 million to Matthews, Perry, Daniels and Wilkerson. Yet that quartet in the game combined for just 5 tackles, 1 assist and no sacks. Claymaker has lost a step and is too late getting home so he overcompensates and draws these late hit penalties. Unless he has an undisclosed injury again, Perry is just not playing up to his big contract. These four big contract players have got to produce more impact and make more game changing plays or Gutekunst and McCarthy will be severely criticized for not doing anything to improve the pass rush like they did on the cornerbacks last offseason.

on September 18th, 2018 at 06:09am

Shoutout to Gutey: Gutey...when you took this job you wanted to build a Super Bowl finalist. The Rodgers era has the clock ticking. You have a chance to help our defense. You missed on Mack....though I agree that price was steep. I propose trying to get Earl Thomas from Seattle. He is a free agent next year...still is in his unhappy in Seattle and they are 0-2 and headed for rebuilding. Dix has unpreformed since his Pro Bowl year and he and Brice are too many times out of position. Our young defensive backs show a lot of promise but Thomas behind them whould shore up the back end greatly. Gutey...go for it...offer a number one and sign him to a front loaded 3-4 year contract. The time is this team. GO PACK GO !!

on September 18th, 2018 at 07:03pm

Davy...I agree lets not whine about all the bad calls...they were terrible but we have the media to go over and over on that. I do disagree with you on the calls in the red zone not making the Vikes use their timeouts if we ran the ball. Even with Rodgers hurting he still is a daggar style QB and going for the daggar was fine. If successfull everyone loves it....with Hundley or Kizer in that situation we run but not Rodgers. Also...if Rodgers on second and one on the last OT drive does not lose control of the ball we win. I'm ok with the calls with him you make those calls. Now to the real nagging all the time negatives. We have not had a pass defending underneath LB since ever. Every year we get killed by the underneath crossing quick pass. Mathews has lost 2 steps and our numerous free agents dont help. The new guy Morrison was beat too many times. Another point...D House should find a new house...he does not belong on this team. I know King has to stay on the field but has shown in 2 years he cant. Tramon Williams is not making plays he did 3-4 years ago because of lost quickness. Run with the new guys. Where was Oren Burks?? Nice to get Adam Jones back...see what he can add. Skins will be tough with Alex Smith exposing our linebackers with his short game. GO PACK GO !!

on September 18th, 2018 at 08:02am

Under Rodgers, the pack is built to get way out in front so that we dont have to worry about playing behind. In the super bowl year, thats how it worked. we blew everybody away and made offienses one-dimensional because you have to throw to attempt to break a 20 point deficit. Our defense was good enough. Right now, the offense is hurting and the defense hasnt stepped up to carry the team. So we waddle around in close games (or start slow, like the last few years and enter the 2nd quarter of the season at 2-2 with losses to average teams). We beat a tough Bears team and in the first half against the Queens, it appeared we had finally started fast and were on our way to 2-0. How would the next few games look from the top of the division. Now there will be no clear cut leader until the division rematches happen in the second half of the season. In some ways, this will add to the intrigue of the next few games, and also make them easier not to watch because the real game that matters will be the Bears and Vikings contests on 11/25 and 12/16. I think its a little too early to totally evaluate the impact Wilkerson may make by seasons end. Its fun to talk about what it would be like to have gotten Mack, but with our late round picks, the packers probably werent in the trade conversation with the "Oakland Raidaz" anyway. Pettine comes from the Ryan School of disruptive defenses. Those defenses have always been most successful when a Middle LB is present that is the heart of the defense - Singletary, Ray Lewis - but putting all that on Clay right now is asking a lot when the rest of the defense hasnt figured out how to cover receievers downfield or create consistent pressure upfield. So while it would have been a dream to pair Pettine and Khalil Mack, history will reflect differently. I hope this changes as the season goes on and the defense figures out how to play 4 quarters as a unit. If that happens and Rodgers knee holds up, we will start getting ahead in games and holding leads. We had a lead on the Vikings that this defense couldnt hold and playcalling didnt help.

on September 20th, 2018 at 02:16pm

may Ap put 300 on u guys

on September 23rd, 2018 at 06:34am

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