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Pack D Throws a Sack Party at the Bank

Posted November 23rd, 2015 @ 03:11am

After watching that one, I can't get the "Welcome Back Kotter" theme song out of my head.  It was a day of welcome backs. From Eddie Lacy and James Jones on the offense, to the overall pass rush and dominance up front from the defense. And big picture: a welcome back to the Packers we thought we knew.

They took a little three game hiatus, which may cost them a home game come January, but this incarnation of the Pack will compete against anyone, anywhere. Let's hope they're here to stay.

The defense set the tone in the first half, containing Adrian Peterson and making life miserable for Teddy Bridgewater, whom many Vikings fans will blame, but who got very little help from his linemen and was running for his life all afternoon. Mike Daniels and Datone Jones were dominant--three sacks between them--they set the tone for the unit. Teddy was sacked six times and was hurried and pressured too many times to count. Where in the world has that been all month? Clinton-Dix was all over the field and the Pack contained the Vikings receivers (if not the tight ends), holding Wallace without a catch and keeping Diggs in check.

But what really set the tone was the job they did on Peterson, holding him to less than 3.5 yards per carry and then punching the ball out for a crucial fumble which served as the dagger in this one.

As I preached all week, the Pack needed to run the ball to turn their offensive fortunes around. They ran it 34 times, led by the resurgent Lacy who looked like the Lacy of old, running hard, breaking tackles and breaking the 100 yard mark, finally. Kudos to the banged up offensive line for stepping up in a big spot and winning the battle against the Vike's vaunted front seven. JC Tretter stepped in for the injured Corey Linsley and handled his business, not bothered by Linval Joseph and company.

The passing is getting closer. There were still too many drops, by everybody by most notably Randall Cobb. But James Jones' Top 10 worthy catch in the first half that set up a touchdown was a thing of beauty, as was his toe tapping TD in the second half. He needs to be an every week playmaker from here on out as the Pack deals with injuries at WR. Jeff Janis finally got a little run, targeted twice by Rodgers deep. His 70 yard kickoff return showed just how dangerous he can be. You have to think he will continue to get more and more chances.

Rodgers didn't crack the 100 mark in passer rating, in part thanks to a lot of drops and in part because of some bad passes. But he made all the plays he needed to make at just the right time and orchestrated a solid performance with two TDs and no picks--he was sacked twice.

This was precisely the kind of performance we dared hope for, but couldn't possibly predict. The Packers played like the team that had more to prove, that needed to demonstrate that rumors of its demise were a tad premature. They did that on this night in Minneapolis, winning for the fifth time in the last six years. Never again will they get to play them here outdoors, which is a shame, but as I recall they've had pretty good success indoors as well.

What the Packers did on this day was remind the Purple that the NFC North continues to run through Green Bay, as it has the last four years and counting. They'll get another shot in week 17. We'll see where both teams sit in six weeks. The Vikings have a tougher road ahead and will need to go down to Atlanta and take care of business in Week 12.

With two more divisional games left in this all NFC North quarter of the season, the Pack has a chance to enter the fourth quarter of the season with most of its goals still reachable. If they continue to play with this kind of energy and emotion, they will be tough to beat on most Sundays...and Thursdays.

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Comments (7):

This was a nice game to watch. The Defense showed up and Lacy looked good. 5 field goals is bit much, but at least we hit them. Rodgers looked better, but still not 100. The offense was still about 50% reliant on defensive penalties. The game plan can not be hard counts and pass interference calls. It was better this week, but yeah, gotta not have 5 drops and Rodgers needs his accuracy back.

on November 23rd, 2015 at 02:21pm

As a Packer fan living in MN & who was at the game, I must say Minnesota "fans" have a lot of balls saying what a bunch of alcoholic's packer fans are! I watch plenty of Viking fans year after yesr game after game act like a bunch of idiots. The old saying @people in glass houses shouldn't throw rocks" applies here. And just think I haven't had a drink in over 30 years.

on November 23rd, 2015 at 04:41pm

Nice job, Pack! While it wasn't a flawless performance, I'll take it. Receivers need to hang onto a few of them now and then, but it's a good step out of the funk with Lacy finding his groove again. I'm looking forward to a serving of Bears Thursday night. GO PACK!

on November 23rd, 2015 at 07:46am

first as a Vikings season ticket holder, Thanks for the lesson that we were not quite as good as we hoped we were. Admit, take away the mistakes& penalties, I still see a team that is closing the gap on the Pack. Second, Clue me in on how and where most of the Packer fans in attendance get their tickets? and are you really paying the ticket exchange prices to come and act like the bunch of alcoholics you are! If I were you I would be very embarrassed by your fans behavior. what is wrong with your fan base? As I am embarrassed by Vikings fans lack of loyalty to not even be able to sell all the season tickets in a college stadium. I have a feeling I will be sitting by myself at USBank next season. a humbled Vikings fan.

on November 23rd, 2015 at 10:15am

Voice.....I went to my freezer to pull out some of the"Eating Crow Pie" You were least for this game the defense has improved. I was the critic ....even though a great long time fan. I have a few pieces left and will gladly eat with a Spotted Cow chaser. GO PACK GO !!

on November 24th, 2015 at 06:16pm

Packno4 You live in Minnesota which means your a Vikings fan now. you ever get that one?

on November 24th, 2015 at 07:07am

Well Davey hit on all the topics. I think Tretter was really overlooked by the media after the game stopping joseph..It sure is nice having some back ups on OL, viking rubes. I will say to THC though, he says no one could possibly pick or see this coming. Voice said in his post, Lacy needs to get going and 1 WR needs to step up. looks like he was right, and Packerlifer said he smells viking blood and agreed with me that it depends how the packers started. I also said if we throw some slant passes, 4 they tried, completed 3. run some more screens, not enough for me, but did get 1 to Starks for 40 yds or more. and said if we hold down 28 to under 100 yds, with no big play we win 24-20, so Like I said before Dave, are you reading our comments? Pack needs to win Thursday, there will be a lot of pressure on 12 with number 4 watching and his big nite to perform. I think he will. Bears D is playing very well, but I see 12 throwing 3 td's and winning 27-17. GO Packers

on November 24th, 2015 at 10:36am

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