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The Lions: Pack's Perfect Panacea

Posted November 13th, 2015 @ 04:11pm

The only way we'll learn much about the Pack on Sunday is if they don't dispatch with the lowly Lions early and decisively. Anything less than a laugher will cause the consternation to continue leading up to their road test against the Vikings.

We all know of the historic dominance the Packers have had at home in this series. The last time Detroit won in the state, the #1 song in the land was "Black or White" by Michael Jackson. Former Bear Mike Tomczak (shudder) was the Pack's QB that frigid December day, while an unknown rookie QB was sitting on the bench in Atlanta, probably wearing his Wranglers.

So in come the 1-7 Lions who have had quite an eventful two weeks. They flew to London, got embarrassed 45-10 by the Chiefs, flew home and watched as owner Martha Ford disemboweled the front office, axing the team's president and GM. This after three offensive coaches had been shown the door a week or so earlier.

Quite the precipitous fall for a team that was ahead of the Pack in the standings a year ago today. It's likely this is the end for Jim Caldwell, Matthew Stafford and Calvin Johnson. This organization will be starting over...again...the only concern is they pluck rising star Eliot Wolf from Pack, preventing him from his rightful place as Ted Thompson's successor. But that's not the A story this week.

On this week, the Packers look to begin righting the ship. Against this lost team, the Packers need to jump on them early (as they usually do to everyone at Lambeau) and dominate from start to finish.

Offensively, Mike McCarthy announced that James Starks has supplanted Eddie Lacy as the #1 running back. We'll see if that's permanent or if Lacy climbs out of his funk and takes over for the stretch drive. This is the kind of game where both guys should get 15+ touches and the offense should generate long, sustained drives. The Lions defense has been dreadful, particularly on third downs and is missing playmakers like Suh and Levy. We all expect Rodgers to get in sync with his receivers and have success down the field. If don't see an offensive spark this week, sound the alarms.

Defensively, this is an opportunity for a pass rush revival. Stafford has been getting pounded in recent weeks and the Pack needs to get to him early and often. Megatron has been dealing with a bad ankle and missed practice time this week, but expects to play. He and Golden Tate are still a formidable pair of WRs and the last two Packer foes have had big plays through the air with much lesser receivers.

So, is there any reason for concern? Any reason to believe the 24 year streak is in jeopardy of ending? No, not really. But the euphoria of the 6-0 start has been erased by the last two performances against top competition. The team is in a funk and needs to shake out of it now. With four straight divisional games looming, the team can end this Vikings hysteria over this stretch by winning these four games.

The Pack lists 15 players on the injury report this week, with only one (Mike Neal) not practicing on Thursday. But with three offensive linemen on the list, it bears watching how they come out on Sunday. Bryan Bulaga's trick knee is acting up and the two guards are dealing with back issues. Others listed as limited on Thursday were James Jones (quad), Casey Hayward (concussion), Lacy (groin), Clay Matthews (ankle/knee), Ty Montgomery (ankle), Nick Perry (shoulder/hand) and Sam Shields (shoulder). That's a banged up squad that needs to get healthy quickly.

Thankfully the Lions are coming to town. As usual, they will come into Lambeau like Lions and depart like lambs.

Packers 31  Lions 13

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Comments (11):

If your not a Packer fan, take your negativity elsewhere. I guess I'm not surprised by the classless remarks of so called Viking fans. Go Pack Go!

on November 13th, 2015 at 07:44pm

Like going on a date with a Wisconsin cow...errrr.... Girl, this is a no win scenario. You win and it proves nothing. You're still a bad D and inconsistent offense just waiting to get destroyed next week. But if you lose it won't matter how many times Rodgers tries to teach you hicks how to spell calm, the wheels will have fully fallen off the bus

on November 13th, 2015 at 10:38am

Screech--to be fair, the wheels fell off the bus when Fat Eddie Lacy attempted to board it, bro.

on November 13th, 2015 at 10:44am

To be fair to Lacy, that bus had already had a drunken boss driver crash into into a herd of cattle. He thought he was on the way to a strip club

on November 13th, 2015 at 10:58am

dispatch them early. they have weapons that are very dangerous if they are in the game late. i would not be that surprised if the pack loses...

on November 13th, 2015 at 12:02pm

This game is my annual pilgrimage to Lambeau, which works out good since the game isn't on in the Twin Cities. Pack's got this one - don't pay any attention to the knuckleheads who show up here when it's convenient. Send some good thoughts to the victims in Paris.

on November 14th, 2015 at 07:57pm

This game is my annual pilgrimage to Lambeau, which works out good since the game isn't on in the Twin Cities. Pack's got this one - don't pay any attention to the knuckleheads who show up here when it's convenient. Send some good thoughts to the victims in Paris.

on November 14th, 2015 at 07:59pm

Dave, With all the Dbacks hugging and holding receivers and with the change in the extra point rule to encourage the 2 pt. attempt, I'd like to see the NFL change the 2 pt. conversion rule to match what happens when offenses commit a penalty in their own end zone, the automatic safety. If a defense commits a penalty in the end zone on the 2 pt try, i.e. holding a receiver, it's an automatic 2 points. Until they change the rule, dbacks don't have much to lose by holding on every 2 pt. attempt. If they get caught the ball only moves a half yard.

on November 15th, 2015 at 05:25pm

HC is right. The Packers need to not just win this one but win it convincingly, with domination even. A close, struggling win at home against this club which is in such disarray will be almost as concerning as a (crowd gasp) loss. I would hope to see about a 38-17 game with the Packers rolling up at least 450 yds. Aaron Rodgers has a 300 yd, 4 td passing game and the team finds its way to tallying a 100 yd. game. The defense may give up some plays and yardage to Stafford but keeps them out of the end zone until "garbage time" after the game has been long before decided. Get at least 6 sacks and 3 interceptions. The Vikings get their mirage exposed in Oakland and by this evening Green Bay is alone again in first place.

on November 15th, 2015 at 06:56am

I see this game a lot like the chargers game. there on bottom on defense,just like the Lions and we kicked a lot of field goals that game and did not move the ball and score like most others thought we would. Stafford and the Lions will be some what like the Dolphins when they got there new coach and played with passion and won there 1st 2 games after the new coach. the Lions fired there OC Lombardi and the GM and president. (a little karma there maybe). the players will get a jolt against the packers. they always seem to play well against us. even though we beat them. Stafford will throw for 400 yds or more. I played all the sports and watched a lot more, CONFIDENCE is the most important thing when playing sports. and right now the Packers need some badly. the 1st qtr. will decide this game. if we jump out 14 -0 we win easy, if they are close and moving the ball on us it will go to the end, Dave sees a blow out like lost others do, I see it 34-28 Packers. to many injuries and confidence is affecting them. Please play Janis, what in the hell are you waiting for?? GO PACKERS

on November 15th, 2015 at 10:22am

I forgot to mention, I hope the packers get a RB with some speed like Archer who the steelers cut, we need some speed back there. even put in Crockett would help to give a spark to the offense.

on November 15th, 2015 at 10:44am

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