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What Does the Loss of Nelson Mean?

Posted August 25th, 2015 @ 12:08am

Question: How do you take the air out of the festive 11th Frame at the Park Tavern? Answer: Announce that Jordy Nelson has likely suffered a torn ACL. What was a festive, lively room, watching the Pack glide down the field on the opening drive in Pittsburgh, quickly turned funereal.

For me, it wasn't a 'damn, there goes the Super Bowl feeling;' it was more of a 'damn, it's so much fun watching him lock in with Rodgers and strike week after week. I'm gonna miss that' feeling.

With the news that Nelson is lost for the season, we regroup, take a deep breath and consider what it means for the 2015 Packers. I went to two Las Vegas websites: and and both still list the Pack as Super Bowl favorites, even after the Nelson injury. That speaks volumes to the talent on the squad, more specifically, to the talent of #12.

The Packers lost a top five receiver to be sure, but with the talented Davante Adams ready to step into the Nelson role, there is every reason to expect him to post big numbers and take the pressure off of Randall Cobb, who will see significant double coverage until and unless Adams steps in and produces. We've all heard the praise being rained down on the second year receiver. The not normally effusive Mike McCarthy called him the MVP off the offseason and Rodgers echoed that praise.

If Adams takes that giant second year step, the Pack should have two guys who can catch between 80-90 balls apiece. It's what happens next that will determine how lethal this offense is. Third round pick Ty Montgomery will likely get the first shot at being the #3 receiver. Jeff Janis may threaten him a bit, if he continues to progress and make plays when the lights are on. If one of those two hits, the Pack will be just fine at the receiver position.

You get the feeling Richard Rodgers may become a bigger part of the offensive equation, too. Much has been made of his progress in his second season. We've seen some nice plays from him early and the other Rodgers seems to be developing some confidence in his fellow Cal Bear. There's no doubt the team could use more production from their tight end, particularly in the red zone, where they absolutely must improve.

The offense could also be tweaked a bit to add more screens into the mix. Eddie Lacy is up to the challenge as a receiver and I would think we'll see more than a handful of third down conversions come through the air to #27.

The Packers would appear to have lost some of their quick strike ability with the loss of Nelson and there's no way one guy will replace his production. But with Rodgers at the controls, you have to believe he'll spread the wealth and keep the offense humming.

It's just a little uncomfortable when you're relying on so many, pardon the expression, 'green' players to step up. Adams, Montgomery, Janis and Rodgers. These are the guys that need to be ready for their close-ups. There won't be any veteran signings at this point. That's not the way Ted rolls. These are his guys. Now it's up to them to prove his point.


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Comments (6):

there u are dave, u must have read my last post, i even said damn like u did. would love to see moss come in, just to get the queens excited, there already scared it could happen, listening to talk radio rubes today, not even close to 4 going there, but it would be fun to watch them squirm a little bit.

on August 24th, 2015 at 10:04pm

The loss of Jordy means one less productive white boy to make the team more palatable to the thousands of ignorant racist inbred Packer fans. Kuhns carries will likely double this year just to keep the frothing bigots simmering in their own White Power juices.

on August 25th, 2015 at 05:17pm

I think the aspect you are ignoring is the guy will be 31 years old coming off an ACL injury in 2016. His cap # also jumps big time after that. I think Pack fans have seen the last of Nelly or at least the last of the guy who could make a huge impact for them.

on August 25th, 2015 at 06:41am

Having no Jordy Nelson this year is a big loss....however it is next man up. My concern is with Cobb seeing more double teams and Adams needing to prove he can step up....I think the emergence of a pass catching tight end will tell if we can keep this passing game fluent. Smeone has to emerge and I dont know who as of yet. I have some concerns as if our defense has made improvements. is still early. A Rodgers is correct....too many preseason games. PS: Had to work last Sunday but was thinking of you guys at The Park Tavern. Davy...When is the next gathering? GO PACK GO !!

on August 25th, 2015 at 09:42am

deez nutz--You are a complete and total IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

on August 26th, 2015 at 01:43pm

I don't care what you Guys say about padding my self on the back, you won't do it so I will,. did I not say draft lockett form K.S. another return tonite for seattle,, TT call me ,I will help you. Ripkowski will make specaila teams also, who someone here on this site predicted. I wasted my calling, ha ha. Pack is throwing this in with philly after losing Jordy,

on August 29th, 2015 at 07:58pm

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