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Does the Dream Die in Dallas?

Posted December 13th, 2013 @ 07:12pm

With Aaron Rodgers declared out for Sunday's game, the odds just got a whole lot longer that the Pack can stay in the playoff race for another week.

You look up the word "mediocre" in the dictionary and you will find the Dallas Cowboys. But they're playing for their playoff lives and are looking to erase the memory of their dismantling at the hands of the Bears on Monday night. I hate facing a team that just got embarrassed in prime time.

So Flynn gets at least one more start. Mike McCarthy said after practice on Friday that Flynn had his best practice by far. That's encouraging. There are plays to be made against the Cowboys defense, as we saw on Monday night in Chicago. Dallas will be without injured linebackers Sean Lee and Bruce Carter, as well as corner Mo Claiborne. Everybody has moved the ball on this team and the Pack should be no different, no matter who is playing QB.

As for the Packers defense, therein lies the story of this game. They showed improvement last week against a decent offense in the Falcons, but that team had very little motivation. This week's opponent is led by a guy who very few people (not names Jerry Jones) believe in--especially in December and January. Tony Romo, in my mind, is a top ten talent who will be extra motivated to do all he can to keep his team in the NFC East race. With targets like Dez Bryant, Jason Witten, Miles Austin and Terence Williams, he is averaging 30 points per game at home.

The Packers are as healthy defensively as their likely to be the rest of the season. CJ Wilson is out, but everyone else is no worse than probable on the injury report. If the Packers are to slow the Cowboys, they must corral talented DeMarco Murray and force Romo into tough down and distance situations. That's when you can get after him and get him to throw you the ball.

If the Packers are to score the road upset without Rodgers, special teams will have to be as strong as it was last weekend. Flynn needs to take a major step and show that playing on the road is something he can handle. He needs to channel the night in Foxborough, not the turkey of a day in Detroit. Most of all, the defense needs to get a couple turnovers and  win a vital game in December.

The Bears could stumble in Cleveland and the Lions face an ornery champ in the Ravens, and since they're the Lions, they could choke away another home game. But regardless of what the other guys do, the Packers need to keep winning, if they want to earn a ticket to the playoff dance. And based on what I've watched the last six weeks, I don't give them a great chance.

Cowboys 27   Packers  23

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Comments (6):

To answer Dave's question in one I might be a bit more optimistic than the majority of you, but take a look back to last week's second half against the Falcons. This showed us what this club is capable of doing without Rodgers, and while it wasn't all that pretty, at the very least it's an indication of what they can do. It was their most complete game this season minus #12. Sure, maybe Atlanta only has 3 wins, but they're not that bad of a squad, all things considered; they're only one season removed from a deep playoff run. Now given the Cowboys' propensity to wilt late in the season, the Packers truly do have an opportunity here to pull off the upset. Sure it's long odds, as we don't know which defense will show up on Sunday - the early season version, or (God forbid) the November version. If they get their collective butts handed to them, so be it - they don't deserve to move on in January if that's the case, and I can accept that. Until then, there's still an opportunity for them to grab hold of. If the defense can shed blocks and bring people down, and if the offense can keep a bad 'Boys D off balance, they can win with Flynn.

on December 13th, 2013 at 04:47pm

It's the Pack's return to the scene of their Super Bowl XLV win 3 seasons ago so maybe there'll be some inspiration there. They'll need it. Dallas has struggled at home this year with clubs like Minnesota and Oakland; though still pulling out the win. So while the Packers could give them a good game and pull off the upset I'm not betting on it. These last games aren't for the playoffs anymore. They're auditions for who is going to be back and who is going to be replaced next year.

on December 14th, 2013 at 04:48am

Voice of Reason, I couldn't agree more. Dallas defense is beat up and packer offense even without Rodgers should be able to move the ball and score on this team. Odds are against us but IF the Packer defense plays inspired like we have occasionally seen and IF we win the turnover battle, we can win this game. If not, then our mostly healthy defense has let us down once again and we have no business being in the playoffs. But I am holding out hope until the fat lady sings. GO PACK! GB=23 Dallas=17.

on December 14th, 2013 at 11:38am

Voice of the Short-bus and Trash-eater: what you guys are missing is the Cowpies will be playing with a giant horseshoe up their a$$ today after being destroyed by a toilet team like the Bears on national TV. The Vikings should have beat the bears twice for cripes sake.

on December 15th, 2013 at 07:12am

sorry guys. I have said it for 3 weeks now, it's over if 12 doesn't play. 38-20. the boys. also. did u guys notice lacey sprained his ankle when MM is trying to just run out the clock before half, just take a damn knee.

on December 15th, 2013 at 10:51am

Don't look now baby, but the throttle is wide open!!! :-)

on December 15th, 2013 at 12:03pm

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