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Here Are My Fearless 2013 NFL Predictions

Posted September 3rd, 2013 @ 04:09pm

It's always a fun exercise, if a little pointless, to go through each game on the NFL schedule and project winners and losers. But I had a little time over the extended weekend and here's what I came up with for the 2013 season:

AFC North: Cincinnati 12-4  Baltimore 9-7  Pittsburgh 8-8  Cleveland 8-8

AFC South: Houston 11-5  Indianapolis 9-7  Tennessee 7-9  Jacksonville 5-11

AFC East: New England 10-6  Miami 6-10  Buffalo 3-13  N.Y. Jets 3-13

AFC West: Denver 13-3 Kansas City 7-9 Oakland 4-12 San Diego 3-13

I honestly don't know how I found four wins on the Raiders schedule, but somehow I did. This conference has all of the bad teams this season. In fact you'll soon see I have no team in the NFC winning less than six games. There are a lot of unproven, young quarterbacks in this conference and a bunch of teams will take their lumps.

Denver and Cincinnati look like the cream of the crop with the best balance of offense and defense. I didn't expect to put the Bengals on 12 wins, but it worked out that way. They'll need Andy Dalton to step up on the road and I think his new offensive weapons will help him accomplish it. I thought the Patriots would end up with more than ten wins because their division is so putrid, but I wound up with ten wins for them.

My wildcard teams in the AFC are Baltimore and Indy, which means all six playoff teams return from a year ago--which never happens. I just can't find another team in that conference I like enough to make the leap. Best guess? KC or Miami,

NFC South: Atlanta 11-5  New Orleans 9-7  Tampa Bay 8-8  Carolina 7-9

NFC West: San Francisco 13-3  Seattle 10-6  St. Louis 7-9  Arizona 6-10

NFC East: N.Y. Giants 10-6  Washington 9-7  Dallas 8-8  Philadelphia 6-10

NFC North: Packers 11-5  Chicago 9-7  Minnesota 7-9  Detroit 7-9

Not a shocker that I'm picking the Pack to win their third straight division title. I expected to give Dallas the slight nod in the balanced East, but the Giants' schedule gave them the edge. I like the Seahawks but their schedule calls for some early starts and I think they'll trip up against teams they are better than.

My NFC wildcards teams are the Seahawks and Saints. I'm picking the Broncos over the Bengals in the AFC and Seattle over the Pack in the NFC (yes, it kills me to type this). The Niners get tripped up by Seattle in the divisional round. Despite the likely wintry conditions in New Jersey, I'm taking Peyton to win his second ring next February.

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Comments (3):

At first glance Dave, I'm with you maybe about 85-90%. I'm thinking too much love for the Browns, not enough for the Ravens, and take all the names of the NFC East, throw them in a hat, and whatever order you draw them out is how they'll finish - I think they're that evenly matched (which isn't necessarily giving any of them additional credit). Even out the Bears and Vikings at 8-8 each, and I think you got it.

on September 3rd, 2013 at 02:26pm

I think you are close......... I believe Miami may challenge NE and San Diego is steps ahead of Oakland. I also think the Pack steps its up a notch and ends up in the Super Bowl........but can our backs stop Peyton?

on September 5th, 2013 at 06:31pm

As I commented earlier, I expect the Pack to start slow but then develop momentum and reach at least 10 wins to make the playoffs again and then maybe take a deep run in the playoffs. Because of the state of the Packers' o-line I don't give them much chance of winning against the physical teams they will be matched against in the first 3 weeks. As long as losses aren't being compounded by injuries in those first weeks, however, it will be no cause for panic. The home game vs. Detroit after the early bye will be the effective start to the Green Bay season. The schedule is more favorable from that point on and the team should have ironed out its wrinkles by that time.

on September 6th, 2013 at 06:38am

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