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It's An MRI Monday in Green Bay

Posted October 11th, 2010 @ 02:10pm

Finley. Matthews. Pickett. Lee. Martin.

You could make some money selling coffee at the MRI line this morning. All five will get tested to see how extensive their injuries are and how much time they'll miss.

It was a heartbreaking, gut-wrenching loss in Washington, a game the Pack dominated until one of the two indispensable defensive players exited. Once Clay Matthews left with another hamstring injury, everything changed for Donovan McNabb. Suddenly he had time to find his WRs and the Redskins jumped back into the game.

This season is quickly being defined as the one where the Pack turned into a MASH unit. We'll have a lot more clarity in the next few days about the state of three of the Pack's top four playmakers. Will Rodgers miss time with the concussion he suffered at the end of the game? Will Finley and Matthews be back soon? With four games yet to play before the bye, the Pack will desperately need all of them to make rapid recoveries.

Three of the next four are at Lambeau and that certainly helps, but the Dolphins come in much healthier, resting this weekend on their bye week. The Vikings are next and we all know what that means. Then a Halloween game at the Jets (that is scary) and a home game against the under-achieving Cowboys. With four of five on the road after the bye, these are games the Pack must win, but it will be really tough without the playmakers.

So let's keep score: the Pack entered Sunday's game without starters/key contributors Ryan Grant, Mark Tauscher, Nick Barnett, Morgan Burnett, Brandon Chillar, Sam Shields and Quinn Johnson. During the game, they lost Clay Matthews, Jermichael Finley, Ryan Pickett,  Donald Lee, Derrick Martin and Frank Zombo.

And then for the cherry on the sundae: Rodgers suffers a concussion at the end of the game. Despite all this, if Mason Crosby hits a 53 yard FG at the end of regulation the Pack escapes with a win.

Yes, injuries are part of the game. And no, excuses don't get you very far. But you can't argue that the Pack has been dealt with more than its share.  It's turned a Super Bowl contender into a team hoping to keep its head above water long enough to heal up for a late season push in a wide open NFC.

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Dave, I love this blog! How come you get so much spam on it though? It's hard to scroll through the garbage in order to find real comments. Anyway, I can't believe no one bothered posting a comment on this story. The "M.A.S.H" reference is spot on, the Pack have suffered way too many injuries this season & it is still early! I thought playing the "M.A.S.H." theme to start the 10/17/10 session of Packer Preview was a nice touch. I was disappointed that you picked the Dolphins over the Packers but the Packers did nothing to prove you wrong in that game sadly. I hope they can eke out a win against the Purple but I have my doubts. As always, Go Pack!!!

on October 20th, 2010 at 08:01pm

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