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No Mocking My Seven Round Packer Draft

Posted April 22nd, 2013 @ 10:04pm

As it stands heading into the draft, Ted Thompson has eight draft picks. Last year, armed with 12 picks, he moved up a few times and targeted the defensive players he thought could make an instant impact. This year, it feels like there's a much better chance Trader Ted moves down once or twice and it could start with the first pick.

There's so much speculation about where this year's crop of quarterbacks go and it feels like a few QB needy teams will choose to draft elsewhere with their first pick and then try to sneak back into the bottom third of the first round to snatch their guy, whether it's Geno Smith, Ryan Nassib, Matt Barkley or someone else. The Pack, seeing a number of guys they like at 26, may be a potential dance partner.

But if Ted stays true to his board, here's how the picks could unfold:

Round 1 (26): Matt Elam, S, Florida  Conventional wisdom has the Pack leaning toward the line here, either offensive or defensive. But I think the Pack pounces on the second safety off the board and the braintrust hopes they finally have a suitable replacement for Nick Collins. Elam's a big hitter, a big time blitzer and can cover a slot receiver. He will provide some much-needed toughness to a defense that has had its toughness questioned, after getting dominated physically by the 49ers twice last season.

Round 2 (55): Jonathan Hankins, DT Ohio State  Continuing that theme, the Packers select the enigmatic former Buckeye with their second pick. They had their eye on Purdue's Kawann Short here, but he got selected a few picks earlier. Hankins can play any position on the line and has the physical tools to be a starter for a long time. He was better as a sophomore in '11 than he was last year, particularly late in the season. But he possesses uncommon quickness for a man his size and would have an instant impact on the Pack's run defense.

Round 3 (88): Jordan Reed, TE, Florida The Pack grabs another Gator here (almost went with former Badger center Jason Frederick here--I know that would make a lot of you happy, but I love the idea of adding a second tight end to this offense for a number of reasons). Reed is an Aaron Hernandez clone (hopefully minus the injury history). Without the benefit of a decent QB in college, Reed still led the Gators in receiving in just his second year as a tight end. He's tall, fast and a matchup nightmare. Think of what Mike McCarthy could do with a second tight end. Reed also presents Finley insurance. If #88 disappoints or the team chooses not to commit long term, Reed can step in as the #1 guy in 2014.

Round 4 (122): Terrance Williams, WR Baylor This is one of those 'best guys on the board' picks. Williams was the nation's leading receiver last year, but disappointed in pre-draft workouts and his size is not ideal as he's just over six feet. Still needs to work on run blocking, but he's a polished receiver who flourished with or without RGIII at Baylor. With Jennings gone, the Pack needs some depth here and will likely scour the undrafted guys as well. But Williams steps into the fourth receiver spot and will be ready to contribute on opening day.

Round 5 (159): Jordan Mills, T, Louisiana Tech He played right tackle in college but is seen as a guy who could play either tackle spot or guard. He's big (6'5" 315) and strong and has a ton of upside. With the uncertainty at tackle (Bulaga's hip, Sherrod's leg, Newhouse's mediocrity and Barclay's inexperience), Mills will likely get a lot of reps in the preseason and could prove to be a valuable addition, particularly if Bulaga and Sherrod aren't ready to play. The fact that he's also Tramon Williams' cousin doesn't hurt either.

Round 5 (167): Joseph Randle, RB Oklahoma St. Very productive back in college, who seems to have the kind of body the Packers like. He's a bit on the tall side and runs upright but has some wiggle and could develop into a workhorse back at this level. He's a good receiver, solid blocker and is not a fumbler. I'm a sucker for Oklahoma State backs and with Barry Sanders set to grace the cover of Madden '13, maybe a fellow Cowboy will make some noise with the Pack this season.

Round 6 (193) John Simon DE Ohio State The Packers add Hankins' linemate here for much needed depth and insurance for a position that won't have Jerel Worthy most likely for the entire season. With Pickett nearing the end and Raji in the final year of his deal (though likely to be re-signed), the Pack can't pass up Simon, who is seen as a perfect fit as an end in a 3-4 defense. He's a high motor guy who never quits on a play and was called the heart of the Buckeyes' defense.

Round 7 (232): Sheldon Price CB UCLA At 6'2", Price has the size the Packers like and was productive with the Bruins, not so much as a tackler, but he had four picks and deflected five others. Seems to have a nose for the ball--the same thing scouts were saying about Casey Hayward last spring.

Before you get too excited, I've nailed exactly one player in the last two Packer mocks combined (Randall Cobb). The players may not match, but I think the team will try to address all of the positions above in this year's draft, or in the few days following the draft.

OK, weigh in. Who you got?

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Comments (13):

pretty close Davey, I see u agree with me on moving back now.Schenny too. I had Hankins in 1st round so if we get him in 2nd that would be awesome., but I do love Simon for DE from O.S. he killed the badgers. great pick. still hope for franklin rb from ucla over your guy. the WR I like is Hopkins from clemson. God, this is fun. LET"S PLAY

on April 22nd, 2013 at 10:13pm

Following is my picks for the Pack's 8 picks in the draft. TT will probably do so wheeling and dealing but its fun to go thru the draft based on need and who might be available. I was the first to pick out Randall Cobb a couple of years ago and if I can pick out one this year great. If I pick out two I off to Vegas and the sports books. Here we go: 1- Jonathan Cyprien...Safety...Florida International....we need a physical hitter back there and this guy among other safetys could be it. Capers has not had a dependable one since Collins and gets his wish. 2- Le'Veon Bell...Running Back...Michigan State..TT relinguishes and finally takes a RB high in the draft. This guy is big 6'2" 230 lbs who rushed for almost 1800 yds. last season. This guy is used to being a workhorse, playing in cold weather and he can catch the football. Perfect fit for our offense. 3- John Jenkins...DT....Georgia...340 lb tackle who played against top competition in the SEC. Known as a hard worker and would help Dline. 4- Chris Faulk....OT....LSU....Played on the great LSU teams in toughest college conference and is fundamentally ready. Good reach here. 5- Dion Sims...TE...Michigan State...One of the character issue guys. Have we not heard that about TE's before.But worth it if available here. 6'5" 260 lbs and runs a 4.75. Known as great blocker and has good hands. Also can play in cold weather. 5- Gerald Hodges OLB....Penn State....Solid cover and tackling linebacker. Had solid season in tough situation at Penn State last season. Leader type at a postion of need. 6- Ricky Wagner...OT....Wisconsin. Hey...why not go with one of those big Badger guys that paved the way for Montee Ball and other running baks. 7- Michael Clay...OLB...Oregon.....If Chip Kelly doesnt nab this guy for Philly we should. Athletic as most guys at Oregon are and with LB depth in draft could fall this far.We need LB help.....just ask San Francisco. There you have mans crystal ball. Fun time....I'll be watching most of draft and vicariously being in the room with TT. GO PACK GO and GO TT GO !!

on April 23rd, 2013 at 09:14am

Seeing rumblings that Pack could take Tyler Eifert the big, athletic Tight End from Notre Dame if available. Personally I think he will be long gone when Pack chooses but an interesting thought as TT usually thinks taking the best available regardless of position. GO PACK AND TT GO !!

on April 24th, 2013 at 01:06pm

How long are you going to play with fire and give AR zero protection with quite possibly THE WORST offensive line in football? He's eventually going to get seriously injured getting sacked near the top of the league every year. You could use a Tackle, Guard, and a Center to be honest. These should be your high picks.

on April 24th, 2013 at 08:07am

You should spend less time focusing on the draft, and more time educating your state on the dangers of diabetes

on April 24th, 2013 at 08:20am

You are as likely to get Terrence Williams in the 4th as Rodgers is likely to grow a mustache that doesn't tickle McCarthey's nipples.

on April 24th, 2013 at 10:18am Cane's logic, maybe there should only be 2 rounds of the draft like they have in the NBA, because as we all know, there isn't anyone worth drafting after #64. After the 2nd round is done, everyone is a free agent. Sheesh...

on April 24th, 2013 at 10:41am

Never once did I sell short the importance of the first 2 rounds...but I believe you did for rounds 3-7. I'll bet you forgot that John Randle went undrafted, and he's in the HOF now.

on April 25th, 2013 at 02:34pm

Great story Fat South Side Guy. Too bad you can't read. I said the LAST time you got anyone worth anything AFTER round 2 was Finley 5 years ago. Go ahead beat your chest about picks 10 years ago if it makes you happy, bro....cuz you chumps have struck out 5 years in a row in the late rounds.

on April 25th, 2013 at 02:54pm

OK Cane, let’s take a look at this a little closer. Since I don’t want to put all that much time into this, I’ll highlight 2 draft years, ’09 and ’10 for the Vikes and the Pack. In ’09, the Packers took, in this order, Bulaga (currently hurt, I’ll call it incomplete), Mike Neal (a disappointment so far), Burnett (a solid DB), Quarless (a solid TE, but now gone), Newhouse (OK, but improving), Starks (OK, but inconsistent), and Wilson (who unfortunately is done). The Vikings took Harvin (great in the short term, but a pain in the long term, now gone), Loadholdt (solid), Allen (inconsistent at best when he was there, and now he’s done), Brinkley (not bad) and Sanford (ditto). So for that draft the Vikes got 2 guys after the third round who contribute today, and the Pack got one solid starter, one who could be if healthy, and 2 contributers, so I’ll call this one a draw. For ’10, Packers took Raji, Matthews (do I even have to comment?), Lang (solid if not spectacular starter), Quinn Johnson (who? He’s gone anyway), Jamon Meredith (another “who?” – now on his 6th team in 3 years), Jaruius Wynn (now with SD), Underwood and Jones (both very solid). The Vikings in ’10 took Chris Cook (can the guy even stay on the field?!?), Gerhart (a serviceable backup to AP), Griffen (not bad), Chris DeGeare (gone), Triplett (a gone Gopher), Webb (no comment), Mickey Shuler (here, gone, here again, and gone again), and Ryan D’Imperio (another “gone”). So I suppose by Cane’s theory, he’s right – the Vikings get maybe 3 contributors on today’s roster past the 3rd round in 2 years (not a great average), but the Pack gets 5. But I’ll give the Vikings this – last year’s draft was pretty darn good, but time will tell. Tonight will be entertaining.

on April 25th, 2013 at 04:13pm

Bill the Voice of the Short Bus--the last decent player you guys got after pick #64 was Finley way back in 2008. So don't pretend it isn't the first 2 rounds that matter most.

on April 25th, 2013 at 07:12am

This is for my friend Cane. Stay on the Viking site for your history of drafts. You think we do not get anything past the opening rounds. Here is your lesson in Packer history. I will go back only to year 2000. The following players all started and contributed nicely to Packer success. 2012- Casey Hayward...drafted #62 2011- Randall Cobb....drafted #64 2010- Morgan Burnett....drafted # 71 2009-TJ Lang...drafted #109 2008- Matt Flynn...drafted # 209 2007- James Jones....drafted # 78 and Desmond Bishop...drafted # 192 2006- Greg Jennings # 52 and Mason Crosby # 193 2005--Nick collins....#51 2004---Scott Wells....drafted # 251 2003---Aaron Kampman....drafted # 156 2000---Mark Tausher ....drafted #224 and Kabaar- Gbaja- Biama....drafted # 149 So there are just some starters drafted in later rounds that have been contributors. Go and spend some time with PA in the Viking trophy room....GO PACK GO !!

on April 25th, 2013 at 09:07am

You write terribly bad. I hope next time will be better.

on September 5th, 2014 at 07:10am

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