Trick or Treat? Jackson is Still a Viking Fan: Trick!

It's Halloween and my first-born son, Jackson (8) will be dressing as Percy Harvin. For the many of you who ask how "Converting Jackson" is going, there is your answer.

He went with his mom to the Packer-Vikings game a couple of weeks ago and came home sporting new helga horns. He's faithful, I'll give him that. His sister and brother, Aly and Dylan, are green and gold fans, but he's holding firm.

I'll say this, he's more loyal to his (3) fantasy football teams than he is to the Purple. He prefers to watch the Red Zone channel to the Vikings game so he can keep up with his guys. Maybe, there's still hope.

Many of you have clicked on the "Convert Jackson" button on the left in the past 13 months and I've collected hundreds of emails, running about 2-1 Packer fans. While we haven't made a lot of progress, I encourage you to keep emailing him and letting him know what he's been missing.

Next year I'm taking him to Lambeau (he's open to the idea) and maybe seeing the five Lombardi trophies will give him pause (yes, I said five). Maybe just being inside the hallowed halls will change something within him.

Thank you for your continued support. Maybe next Halloween he'll be wearing a Clay Matthews uniform. We can dream, can't we?


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