Thompson "Goes Crazy," Trades Up Twice To Help Defense

Those were his words, not mine. I got it wrong: I thought Ted Thompson might trade up in the second round if there was a guy there he liked. He ended up doing it twice.

First he jumped up eight spots to grab Michigan State defensive lineman Jerel Worthy, a guy many mock drafters thought the Pack might take in the first round. When he was still sitting there at #51, Thompson pounced. The team preferred him slightly over Penn State's Devon Still (the Big Ten's defensive player of the year), because he has more wiggle. Okay.

The knock on Worthy is that he had a penchant for taking some plays off. My guess is that will be coached out of him by Mike Trgovac and he will be the opening day starter next to BJ Raji. Adding Worthy and Perry to the front seven gives the Pack a whole new look and the chance to be a much stronger pass rushing unit.

Thompson struck again, moving up 28 spots and back into the second round to grab Vanderbilt corner Jason Hayward. I'll be honest: I never heard of the dude before the draft. But after reading scouting reports and listening to him, it sounds like the Packers got a guy who will be a starting corner down the road. And if Charles Woodson moves to safety, that could happen sooner rather than later. Hayward was incredibly productive at Vandy, matched up against talented SEC receivers and seemed to play his best in the red zone. He should instantly be in the mix for the dime corner job, and though he played some safety in college, it looks like the Pack will play him exclusively at corner.

Despite trading its third, fourth and fifth round picks on Friday, Thompson still has a bunch of picks to make on Saturday, including two compensatory picks in the fourth round. Expect him to add a safety, running back, and an offensive lineman or two before he's done.

There's been a lot of speculation that he will add a QB as well, but late reports on Friday indicate the Pack is in trade talks with the Browns to acquire Colt McCoy, who is now expendable, after Cleveland drafted Brandon Weedon in the first round. I'd love to see this. I'm not comfortable with Graham Harrell as the backup. I'd love to see a guy with some starts under his belt backing up Rodgers. If he costs only a late round pick, it seems like an easy decision. Plus, give McCoy some time learning from McCarthy, Clements and Rodgers and he could develop into a future starter, a la Matt Flynn.


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