Remembering Grandma Dorothy

This is the first Packers Super Bowl or NFL Championship that my Grandma Dorothy will not be around for. Longtime listeners of "Packer Preview" remember my Grandma Dorothy. For the first five years the show was on the air, she would give her weekly prediction and talk about her favorite team, and that maddening quarterback who threw too many interceptions.

My grandma passed in December, 2000 on the eve of the Packers-Vikings game at the Metrodome (Packers sprung the upset behind Ahman Green's 161 yards rushing and Favre's three TD passes--damaging Vikes' quest for #1 seed).

Growing up a part of a close family in Milwaukee meant watching football together and no one loved the game more than Grandma Dorothy. To her, VCRs were invented for one reason only: so she could replay Packer games in the spring and summer when she missed football.

Her predictions were the highlight of the show for the first five seasons. Nephew Sam took over for the next seven years and his younger brother Zach now capably handles the prediction segment at the end of "Packer Preview" each week.

Since the show's first season was the Pack's Super Bowl season in '96-'97, I decided to find the tape of my Super Bowl Sunday broadcast and provide a chance to hear Grandma Dorothy's prediction: PP-Grandma Dorothy 97 SB pick

Naturally, she nailed the point spread on the nose--something she did quite often. I find myself thinking about her as we get set to watch Super Bowl XLV. I know she'll have a great seat wherever she is. And she won't have to worry about that maddening QB who threw all the picks. This is a new team, one she would have loved.

I'll be playing Grandma Dorothy's Super Bowl XXXI prediction at the close of "Packer Preview" this Sunday at 8am CST on KFAN and


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