Random Thoughts Heading Into Jets Week

Lots of hype in the New York dailies this week about a potential NY-NY Super Bowl. Jets players and coaches are singing about how great they are. The Pack might be coming in at the perfect time to knock them down a peg. Yes they're well rested, coming off their bye. But last year they lost two straight out of the bye and the last time we saw them play, at Denver, they were fortunate to win...just sayin'.

There's no doubting they are a complete football team. With the Pack's injuries up front on defense, they'd be wise to feed the Packers a steady dose of LT and Shonn Greene. The passing game is conservative, but the return of Santonio Holmes will tempt them to try more things downfield. Expect Tramon to shadow Holmes and Charles Woodson to keep an eye on Braylon Edwards. The Pack will also need to keep an eye on tight end Dustin Keller, a favorite Sanchez target

The Pack's addition of NT Howard Green off waivers from the Jets signals the fact that Ryan Pickett may need to sit for a week or two. Let's hope the team is racking Green's brain to learn as much as they can about what the Jets like to do on defense...

...which is blitz a lot and leave their corners on coverage islands. When you have Darelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie you can get away with that scheme. Teams have not been blitzing Rodgers much this season. Expect that to change on Sunday.

The 5-1 Jets are riding a five-game winning streak, their longest in two years, since an opening day home loss to Baltimore. This is just the Pack's fifth visit ever to the Jets and their first in the new Meadowlands Stadium...The last time the Pack played on Halloween was in 1995--a victory at Washington. The CBS team covering the game: Kenny Albert, Moose and Goose.

If you're looking for a fun place to watch the game, join me at the Park Tavern in St. Louis Park. I'll broadcast "Packer Preview" from there from 8am-9am. Then we'll hang out and get ready for the game. Lots of great food and drink specials and prizes, including a Head Cheese blanket for the best costume. We'll hand that out at halftime. Hope to see you there.


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