Penalties, Special Teams Doom Packers

Way to show the nation that you're a Super Bowl contender Pack. Way to step up and grab the top spot in the NFC through three weeks. After watching the Pack hand the game to the Bears in Chicago, the coaches need to sit their players down and explain that media infatuation does not a Super Bowl champion make.

The Pack had the officials grabbing their flags like Michael Jackson used to grab his...well, you know what I mean. The sloppiness by all units, especially special teams was almost unbearable to watch. From the 17 penalties, to the blocked FG by Peppers, to the punt return TD by Hester--the team took a step backward after two fairly mistake-free games.

I know he was matched up against Julius Peppers, but this was about as bad a game as I can remember from Mark Tauscher. Remember when he went a few seasons without a holding penalty? Seems like a long time ago.

The Packers controlled this game from the start, grabbing a 10-0 lead and dominating the time of possession and yardage. But it means nothing when you continue to shoot yourself in the foot with penalties and then turn the ball over the in the final 2+ minutes, as James Jones did when he got the ball stripped near the sidelines.

We probably shouldn't lose sight of the fact that the Pack started three rookies on defense, including two undrafted guys in Zombo and Shields. The defense played pretty well and Rodgers was magnificent.

It's reality check time. Six days to get ready for Detroit. This team needs to correct the sloppiness. The players need to stop reading the press clippings and take care of business. They have the talent to make a run to the Super Bowl. They were clearly the better football team on the field Monday night, but didn't deserve to win. It's early--a slap in the face in week three may be just what the doctor ordered. I just can't stand that it was the Bears that delivered the slap.


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