Pack's Back-Up Plan Could Use A Back-Up Plan

I'm feelin' pretty good about the way the 2012 roster is shaping up. Hard to quibble with too much. But there is one spot that has me worried. Not keeping me up nights, but just a nagging concern. The departure of Matt Flynn has left the team with a back up to Aaron Rodgers with about as much NFL experience as I have.

For a Super Bowl favorite, it seems like you're putting your team in a very dangerous spot, if Aaron Rodgers gets injured. The dude has proven to be extremely durable. He may take every snap in 2012 and it won't matter whether Graham Harrell, BJ Coleman or Nick Hill is one hit away from being the starting quarterback. But do you feel good right now about any of those guys?

And it's not like the team will turn to the running game if Rodgers goes down. That's not the way this offense rolls. No, what Ted Thompson needs to do is find a veteran QB who is familiar with or whose skill set fits this offense. And the sooner the better. Maybe it's Colt McCoy. For now, the Browns say they're keeping him and McCoy believes he should have a chance to keep his job. But the team's GM has already said he expects rookie Brandon Weeden (who's older than Rodgers) to win the job.

The Browns would be wise to remove McCoy from the roster to keep him from being a distraction if he doesn't handle the demotion well. He'd be a perfect backup for the Pack and maybe some time learning from McCarthy and Clements will do him some good. I can't imagine he'd cost more than what the Seahawks paid for Kellen Winslow: a 7th rounder that could turn into a 6th.

McCoy isn't the only option. A couple of guys could become available as training camps get started. I know what many of you are thinking: the Pack developed Matt Flynn. Why can't they do the same for one of the young guys on the roster? They very well could. But it's not automatic. And it's doubtful any of them are prepared to lead this team this season. I'd rather see the #3 QB spot reserved for a developmental guy. Put another on the practice squad.

But let's go get an experienced backup for Rodgers. For a team with Super Bowl expectations, a little proven insurance behind the MVP would allow the head cheese, if not Packer nation, to rest a bit easier.

Update: Within a couple hours of this blog being posted, the Packers announced they had released QB Nick Hill. Perhaps to make room for the acquision of a veteran? Never underestimate the pull of the Head Cheese! ;)


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