Obituary: 2016 Packers Fought Lengthy Illness

We are very sorry to announce the passing of the 2016 Packers, following a lengthy illness. The Packers were diagnosed with gastric indigestion while in Denver in the fall of 2015, following a severe punch to their solar plexus, and never fully recovered.

Over the past decade, under the stewardship of caretaker Mike McCarthy, the Packers flourished like very few of their peers, and were looked upon as a model franchise. They have been led by two time MVP Aaron Rodgers, whose gaudy numbers and late game heroics were the envy of all. But Rodgers' game has not been as sharp of late, and the lack of a suitable running game and elite receiving options have dulled his razor's edge.

Where the Packers' illness really took hold was on the defensive side of the ball. They have been historically bad over the past month, unable to sustain what was a decent start to their season in the fall of 2016. The disease started to take hold in Atlanta. Since then, they went home for treatment and when the symptoms worsened, they visited specialists in Nashville and Washington DC, but by then the disease had spread throughout the entire organization.

There are those that refuse to believe the end has come for the 2016 Packers. They point to the six remaining games on the schedule, including games against each division foe--not to mention just a two game spread between themselves and the division leaders.

But in reality, the 2016 Packers took their last breaths at FedEx Field on Sunday night. They are survived by most of the 53 players on their roster. Their front office and coaching staff are fighting the same illness. It's too soon to know their fate, but some will be providing thoughts and prayers on their behalf. Many more will not.

A memorial service and burial is scheduled for January 1st, 2017 in Detroit, of all places. In lieu of flowers, supporters are asked to donate to the Elliot Wolf for GM Fund.

RIP, 2016 Packers.


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