Letting Bears Score Was Packers' Only Chance

It pains me to write this. It goes against everything I stand for. Would Vince Lombardi have had the guts to tell Willie Davis and Ray Nitschke to let the Bears waltz into the end zone in the final minute to give the offense a chance to answer?

Of course not. But this is 2010. The age of Madden '11. Where the rules are stacked to put points on the board (see the Morgan Burnett pass inteference call where both players were grabbing each other). When Mike Holmgren did itin Super Bowl XXXII, he caught a lot of flak. But Holmgren was and is a great offensive mind and knew his only chance was to give his Pro Bowl QB another chance.

McCarthy should have done the same thing. Once he wasted a timeout with a challenge that never should have been made, his hand was forced. There was only the slimmest of chances that Robbie Gould was going to miss a chip shot field goal. He's never missed one from inside 30 yards. Never.

With one minute and one timeout remaining, Rodgers would have had a chance to direct a game tying-touchdown. The odds would have been rather long, but the chances were a lot better than Gould shanking one.

Offense rules in today's NFL. Usually, the team with the ball last, wins close games. McCarthy should have given up the points and given Rodgers one more opportunity.

One final thought, while McCarthy and his coaches light up the team this week for its lack of discipline on the field (hello Nick Collins and Frank Zombo, among others), the head coach better think long and hard about how to handle challenges. He's made two very questionable ones already this season. Like some penalties and on-field mistakes, this is a correctable problem. Time to get it addressed now.


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