Latest Snub Should Fuel Rodgers in 2012

If there's one thing we've learned about Aaron Rodgers, it's that he's used to being snubbed and it fuels him to achieve greatness. He wasn't recruited by the big schools as a high school senior, he saw his draft position plummet to the point where he was the only dude left in the green room. And now this.

It was reported on Wednesday that the New Orleans Saints put a bounty on Rodgers' head before the 2012 opener of $5,000. It was also reported that a similar bounty was put on Brett Favre before the 2010 NFC title game. But for $10,000.

Sure, you can argue that knocking the indestructible one out of a championship game was worth more than leveling the reigning Super Bowl MVP in the season's kickoff game. But it would have set the tone for the season. How could Rodgers not be worth $10k?

You can almost feel Rodgers simmering over this one. Really? Half as much as Favre? Appalling. OK, I'll remove my tongue from my cheek. Actually, the concept that coaches would encourage players to achieve "cart-offs" is appalling. Saints coach Sean Payton received an email before kickoff of the 2011 opener letting him know that $5,000 was on the line if anyone knocked out #12. And he endorsed it. And there are fans who think he got an unfair shake with a one year suspension. Expect a few players (Jonathan Vilma) to be hit with suspensions that are longer than they expect.

This kind of brazen activity has no place in the NFL. Yes, it's a brutal, violent sport. But it is just that. Sport. And without sportsmanship the game we love would belong in medieval times.


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