I Would Do It.

The NFL trade deadline is rapidly approaching. This is usually as exciting as watching Graham Harrell take snaps with the #1 offense, but since the deadline has been extended it has become the topic du jour.

Will the Packers look to add a proven veteran to their backfield? The Benson pick up was paying dividends until the injury. If Ted Thompson believes Benson will be healthy by December, he'll probably hope that Green and Starks can handle things for the next month. But what if there are real concerns about Benson's foot?

Would he consider trading for the Rams' Steven Jackson? There are many reasons you'd say 'no way.' For one thing, it's not Ted Thompson's style to trade a pick for a rental player, not to mention a running back with lots of wear on his tires. Jackson is due nearly $4 million for the back half of the season--that ain't cheap.

But he's available, probably for a #4 or a #5. And he's a guy Thompson has always liked a lot. I have too. He's been a favorite of mine since he entered the league from Oregon State. I love the way he competes. He's been a one-trick pony for the Rams for years and never complained. Always went about his business. I think he would inject some serious life into the running game. Some of you believe the line is to blame, but I think you would see an entirely different offense with #39 behind Rodgers.

That said, I don't think Thompson will pull the trigger. A few years ago when Marshawn Lynch was available the Packers were in play but the cost seemed a bit exorbitant. Lynch is now a top five back in the NFL. Imagine the Pack attack if he were part of this offense. I'm not suggesting Jackson has the juice that Lynch does, but for the back half of the season, with three late season games at Lambeau and one in Chicago, I think the Pack would be much scarier with Jackson running the football in likely difficult conditions.

Not to mention what it would mean to the defense to have some more extended run-controlled drives and give them a bit more time on the sidelines.

I would part with a weekend pick and roll the dice.


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