How the Jennings-Favre Phone Call May Have Gone


Brett: Dang, how do you answer the phone in the middle of tryin' to send a text? Oh wait, here we go....yeah?

Greg: Hey Brett, it's Greg!

Brett: Who?

Greg: Greg! Jennings.

Brett: Oh, you're that second string tight end on our high school team, right?

Greg: C'mon man. #85. The pride of Kalamazoo. Dude, I caught your 400th career touchdown pass.

Brett: Yeah, just messin' with ya Greg. That's what I do for kicks these days. I hear you're a free agent. But a couple of days gone by and you ain't got no takers yet?

Greg: Yeah, I wanted to let that first wave of crazy money pass and then get on all the TV and radio talk shows and remind folks that I believe in my smellf.

Brett: Your what?

Greg: C'mon. Haven't you seen my hilarious Old Spice commercials?

Brett: Who you callin' old?

Greg: Listen, I don't wanna keep you, sounds like I was interrupting something. Here's the thing, the Packers have offered me 8 million a year. Last fall, it was ten million. But see, look what happens, you miss 11 games over two seasons, and this is how they treat you.

Brett: Miss games? Shoot, there's your first problem right there...

Greg: Thing is, I figured I was worth at least 12 million a year. Then Percy got his deal and I knew I was screwed.

Brett: Percy??!! Pants on the ground, Pants on the ground!...

Greg: Uh, Brett, what I'm sayin' is there's only one team out there who's gonna at least get me close to ten million a year and that's the Vikings. You seemed to have some fun when you were there. At least till that last pass in New Orleans. Things seemed to spiral downward from there...

Brett: Hell yeah! Stick it to Thompson and that front office. Cross the line. Put on the Purple. You know that Prince guy, he wrote "Purple Rain." He's from Minnesota too!

Greg: Well, I actually kind of like Ted and I love that team. I won a ring with them. Most special year of my life. You ever watch the NFL Films special of that Super Bowl? I was miked up. I was smilin' and laughin' and huggin' Mike. It was great. It would feel weird to join their rivals.

Brett: Yeah, well, lemme tell ya somethin' those checks they send ya every two weeks, they's good. And they're gonna have more zeroes than the ones from Green Bay, right?

Greg: That's true. But I'll go from catching passes from Aaron Rodgers to catching them from Christian Ponder.

Brett: Tryin' to catch 'em, you mean. Anyways, they got that Cassell kid too. Maybe he'll end up bein' the guy. Anyways, gotta go. Got an autograph session at the Pump 'n Save in Hattiesburg in an hour. Take the money!



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