Get Set For "March Malaise"

For fans of most teams, March is the trigger to a new season. The league's new year begins in March and free agency follows a few days later, meaning its open season for players to find new homes. Giddy fans across the U.S. are imagining what adding the likes of Mario Williams or Vincent Jackson might mean for their teams.

Packer fans? We pretty much sit out this season. Let the Redskins and Vikings of the world grab the headlines in March, in many cases overpaying for veterans in the hope they will provide the shot in the arm the team needs.

We all know that Ted Thompson has dipped his toe into free agency in the past, but it's not the way he goes about building a team. As things stand now, the Packers don't have a lot of cap dollars to spend anyway. There won't likely be a Charles Woodson or Ryan Pickett added in free agency.

We do know the team will lose Matt Flynn and probably center Scott Wells. In Flynn's case, Thompson didn't find a willing trade parter and it's not in his DNA to roll the dice by tagging him and hoping to find a team to barter with. As for Wells, the tag was not an option, since the dollar amount to tag an offensive lineman is over $9 million, which would make him the highest paid center by a long shot. As stated in previous posts, Wells has never felt appreciated or respected and wants a "make-up" contract that would make him the highest paid center in the league. Ted believes he can find a cheaper option in free agency (there are several quality centers available) or early in the draft.

So we Packer fans will watch dozens of players switch uniforms in the coming weeks while the Green & Gold sit quietly in the corner. Every day that passes brings us one day closer to April, where thoughts will turn to the draft, when Thompson finds 8-10 youngsters to add to the mix. We'll also see the 2012 schedule in April. Yes, April is a great month for Packer fans to gear up for a new season.

We just need to get through "March Malaise" first.


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