Exclusive: McCarthy's Post Game Rant on Sunday

We all saw how hot Mike McCarthy was following the Eagles game. We were all glad to see it. The last two performances demand that somebody get in everybody's grills. Theheadcheese.com has exclusively acquired the lockerroom "conversation" McCarthy had with the team in the moments after the Eagles game:

MM: All right is everybody in here?


MM: I said, is everybody in here? Hey Dom, look around, is your starting defense in here? Or are they still out there trying to stop the #$% Eagles on that last drive. I mean, honest to G-d, that drive was longer than the Seneca Wallace era!

Capers: Actually, Mike, MD Jennings is really starting to come on. If we give him a few more chances, I think you'll like what you see.

MM: (shakes his head and rubs his temples) Team, that was embarrassing. Where do I start? Well as long as you're listening Dom, what happened to tackling? What happened to a pass rush? I mean you've got almost all your horses. Granted, Matthews looked like he was the bad guy in The Fugitive out there. I appreciate the effort Clay, but you were about as effective as one of those Fatheads you're always pitching. The offense has some excuses, but that defense was ridiculous. Dom your secondary left Riley Cooper wide open. I seriously hope it wasn't something he said.

(some players chuckle)

MM: There's nothing to smile about today boys. OK, Scott Tolzien. You made me smile. That was a hell of an effort out there. You actually made some Packer fans forget about Randy Wright. You all can look him up on Wikipedia. Outside of that pick in the end zone you kept the offense in it. You've earned another start. I'm not gonna pick on the offense today. We were up against it and almost pulled it out. We all know Jordy made that touchdown catch. Who knows, cutting the lead to seven may have even inspired Dom's guys to tackle a little bit.

Nah, probably not.

Crosby. We call them special teams. Missing two field goals at home is anything but special. It's bad enough I'm down to a QB who'd never played before. Make your d#$% kicks.

I turned 50 today, boys. That was one hell of a birthday present. All I wished for when I blew out my candles was a couple of picks. Remember those? It's when you catch the other team's pass while you're on defense. We've averaged 26 a year the last four years. This year we have three. With an offense lacking #12, #18, #88 and a couple of linemen, we coulda used a little help.

All right that's it. We got the Giants next. The last time we played them.....(faints).


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