Could Sunday Be Brett's Final Game?

Let's forget for a moment that he's making a million dollars a game. Let's forget that his ironman streak is at least as important to him as winning one more Super Bowl than Trent Dilfer.

Could Brett ride into the sunset win or lose Sunday? It was brought up by NBC and Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio with Paul Allen on KFAN earlier this week and it's not as far-fetched as it sounds.

Unlike 2009 when Favre was itching to join a team where he felt "the pieces were in place" and it gave him a shot to stick it to Ted Thompson and the Packers, this year he had to be dragged off his couch and onto the airplane and then kicked in the butt to get off the plane and re-join the Purple.

He was never all-in in 2010. Whether it was physical concerns or a realization that last year's lightning in a bottle would be hard to recapture, this has been a different Brett Favre in 2010. This team can't win on the road. This team has lost offensive weapons like Rice and Taylor. This team no longer likes, respects or fears its coach.

Say the Vikings lose to the Packers on Sunday. They fall to 3-7 and would need to win out to achieve a winning record, though it looks like ten wins will be needed to reach the playoffs and they would fall short of that. Favre only came back to try to win a Super Bowl. With that goal extinguished, why keep going (other than the money and the records)? Why put your body through that when your brain is telling you your season will (mercifully) end on Jan 2 and not early February?

He could say his body is too beat up and it's Tavaris' turn to see what he can do with the offense and provide his bosses a better idea whether to re-sign him for next year. It would also rid him of any potentially embarrassing punishment from the league regarding the texting allegations.

Let's say the Vikings rise up and beat the Pack. They improve to 4-6 and know that if they keep winning and string six more together they could achieve the improbable and charge into the post-season. If you're Favre, you realize the team still has three road games to play and they haven't won on the road in a year. They also have the Giants at home. It is far more likely that 8-8 is the best this team is going to do. He can extricate himself from a non-winning season by saying his body's just not up to it. Yet he could leave "on top," in his mind, by beating Green Bay in his final game and showing that he still has it. He just doesn't want to keep showing it if the playoffs are beyond his reach.

Do I think Favre will walk away, win or lose on Sunday? No. Would I be completely shocked if he does?



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