Could A Heisman Winner Be Lurking at #32?

When you're the Super Bowl champ and you pick at the bottom of the first round, you take the best player left on your board, regardless of position. As the world champs, you don't have pressing needs anywhere, so you look and see who has fallen in your lap and you grab him to close out the first night of the draft.

Sure, the Pack would love to see a great tackle prospect sitting there, or an outside linebacker to play opposite Matthews and create new problems for opposing offenses. But if you peruse the seemingly millions of early mock drafts out there, a lot of them have Mark Ingram, the talented 'Bama running back, available for the Packers at #32.

Two words: Take him. Now, truth be told, when I do my first mock draft--which will appear here on March 1st, I'll have Ingram going to the Dolphins at #15. But if they go in another direction, there's a chance the guy who reminds folks of Emmitt Smith could slide all the way to the bottom of the round. If he's there, there's no way you pass him up. You thank Ryan Grant for helping save the '07 season and for his solid work these last few years, and you say goodbye. You roll into 2011 with Ingram and Starks and maybe pick up a third down guy later in the draft or in free agency.

Of course, everything can change after the combine. Ingram's dropped some weight and if he shines in Indy, he could elevate himself to the top 10. But the value of running backs has dropped lately. LaGarrette Blount was the leading rookie rusher in 2010 and he was undrafted. Arian Foster, the NFL's rushing leader was also undrafted. But Ingram could be special and would be worth rolling the dice for the Pack.

The more likely scenario is the Packers will choose between a cornerback and an outside linebacker--you get the feeling there will be good talent at those positions available. But thinking about the Packers offense as it stands now and injecting Ingram along with Finley into the mix. Could be lots of fun--and lots of points in 2011.


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