Bye Bye, Randy...Bye Bye Purple

Stop it, this is too much. We Packer fans who live in the Twin Cities endured an epically difficult year in 2009, watching a fanbase fall in love with Favre. We didn't get to smile (exhale) until the inevitable pick in overtime against the Saints.

This year has been a completely different story. Favre has been largely ineffective on the playing field and his public persona has taken an irreparable hit with the Sterger affair--however it plays itself out.

But what's happened in the last 48 hours is beyond our wildest dreams. First, the Pack shuts out the high and mighty Jets to get back into the upper echelon in the NFC.

And then Monday happened. First, Vikings Coach Brad Childress stands in front of the media and says he does not regret acquiring Randy Moss and that Moss's comments were not incendiary. Moments later, he held a team meeting and announced that he had cut Moss--four weeks after giving up a third round pick to bring him "home." We have since learned this was Childress' decision. The ownership and other team executives were not on board--not even consulted.

The fan base is ready for mutiny. This was their guy. A month ago, he was the missing piece, just what Favre needed to get re-energized. A perfect offensive threat to complement Harvin and Peterson. And when Sidney Rice returns: watch out. Now, he's another name on the waiver wire and the fans have lost their hero for a second time.

The Vikes are lucky the hapless Cardinals are coming to town this week. A better team could turn the fans on their side quickly. The fans are beyond frustrated and they want to let Childress have it. Any mishaps on Sunday will give them their chance to rain the boos on Chilly.

The Vikings and Childress had to know what they were getting in Moss--the good and the bad. They figured the combination of playing for a new contract and being with this offense in a place where he made his name would give Moss and the Purple the spark they needed.

They neglected to remember that Moss plays when he wants to play. That he operates on his own agenda. Watching the Texans' Andre Johnson make tough catches and hobble back to the line of scrimmage, or the Lions' Calvin Johnson's efforts week after week shows Vikings fans what a true professional wide receiver is like--one who values team above himself.

Now they have a fractured locker room, fractured front office, fractured fan base and a QB with a couple of fractures to his ankle. Oh, and Harvin had an MRI on his ankle on Monday. Probably a fracture, the way things are going.

By begging Favre to come back for one more year and gambling on Moss, the Vikings pushed all their chips into the middle of the table. Turns out they probably should have just folded.

It's been a challenging first half of the season for the Pack, with losses to three teams they should have beaten. But at 5-3 with the flat-lined Cowboys coming to Lambeau Sunday night, suddenly things look a lot brighter in the North. Thanks in part to the three-ring circus that is the Minnesota Vikings.


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