Been There, Done That: Brett's Playing

Unless the unthinkable happens, Brett Favre will be behind center in Foxboro on Sunday for his 292nd consecutive regular season game. The unthinkable being that he decides to put his team before himself and admit his ankle needs rest and that Tavaris Jackson should start Sunday.

I don't believe that will happen. I also don't believe that head coach Brad Childress has the cojones to bench Favre. So Favre starts on Sunday, extending the most remarkable streak in sports history. And extending it for the wrong reasons.

If Favre starts on Sunday, I don't think he will finish. His head coach has done him no favors, providing bulletin board material for a team and a head coach that thirsts for it. Actually, Chilli fired up both locker rooms; first reminding folks that the Patriots were stealing signals in a Halloween night beat down four years ago. Then saying, paraphrasing, that he wished his team played the way the Patriots play. Way to fire up the guys, Brad. I'm sure they'd run through a wall for you.

But back to #4. If you ever doubted that football was a game of inches, look no further back than last Sunday night. If Percy Harvin's right foot comes down inbounds, Favre is being showered with praise this week--leading another breathtaking comeback, this time at Lambeau. Instead, he looks like a washed up hanger-on, statistically at the bottom of the QB passer ratings.

The Vikings are in a tough spot. If Childress sits Favre when the old QB says he's ready to go, the only way things end well is if Jackson leads the team to a surprise road victory--against an elite home team that rarely loses there. I wonder how Jackson feels. He has to look around the locker room at a bunch of guys who were so desperate to put off his return as starting QB that they took the unprecedented step of flying down to Mississippi to beg and plead for the old gunslinger to return for one final corral.

Fitting that it's Halloween and we get to watch the steaming, bubbling cauldron that is the Vikings season right now. One wrong stir could set the whole thing off. If Chilli tries to grab the spoon from #4, the meltdown of the Purple could be epic.


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