A Topsy Turvy Week in Titletown

Man, what a week in Titletown. I was prepared to sit down today and write a blog about the pluses and minuses of the first week of free agency.

The pluses: Rodgers signs his contract, the team locks up linebacker De’Vondre Campbell and brings back Preston Smith, along with a new, slimmed down contract for Randall Cobb.

The minuses: the inevitable release of Za’Darius Smith, the mildly surprising release of Billy Turner and the loss of Lucas Patrick in free agency.

All in all, a good week in my eyes. Getting Campbell back was my top priority for the Pack, once Rodgers was in the fold.

And then Thursday night happened, with the news that Davante Adams was on his way to Las Vegas to play with his college buddy Derek Carr and fulfill a lifelong dream to play for the Raiders. All this time we were led to believe the Packers were hesitant to make him the league’s highest paid wide receiver. We come to learn that Adams took less money to sign a long term deal in Vegas. It’s where his heart was.

Some will consider this a knock on Rodgers and/or the organization. We may never know exactly how Adams feels about things, but if that’s where he wants to be, he’s earned that opportunity. Maybe he looked a year or two down the road and didn’t love the idea of being part of a rebuild with a likely much lesser quarterback. We know this: he is a future Packer and NFL Hall of Famer and I hope he flourishes in Vegas.

So what does this mean for the Pack and its Super Bowl hopes in 2022? Well, it’s safe to say the offense will look a lot different without the league’s most dangerous aerial connection. Who knows what the Pack will do to fortify the position beyond Lazard, Cobb and Amari Rodgers? With four picks in the top 59, they can obviously upgrade there. Or they could trade a pick for a veteran like DK Metcalf, TJ Lockett, Diontae Johnson or Corey Davis.

With the added cap room they can also turn to what’s left in free agency, starting with Marques Valdez-Scantling, whose speed would be difficult to replace on the roster—and who they reportedly are interested in bringing back. Other options range from veterans like Julio Jones, Jarvis Landry, Emmanuel Sanders and Will Fuller, to a younger guy like Ju Ju Smith-Schuster. Obviously, the Pack will not replace what Adams brings to the table, but Matt LaFleur’s offense has demonstrated that it can function very effectively without him—as you know, they’re 7-0 in games he missed and Rodgers tends to play more within the system when he doesn’t fall into that mode of playing pitch and catch with #17. I’m anxious to see how they attack the position in the coming days/weeks.

The extra cap room might also allow them to find a tight end in free agency. Even if they do re-sign Robert Tonyan to a short-term deal, there’s no guarantee he’ll be ready for training camp. I’d love to see them sniff around Austin Hooper, Eric Ebron, Blake Jarwin, Anthony Firkser or Jordan Akins. Right now, it’s the biggest hole on the roster.

The defense may benefit from Adams’ departure—it may allow them to bring back Rasul Douglas, which would give the Pack arguably the best trio of corners in the league. There might even be some dollars available to fortify the depth on the D line, at edge rusher and/or a third safety.

The day after you move on from a superstar your team looks diminished, because it is. But this is the kind of deal you may look back on in a few years and say the team that traded the nearly 30 year old receiver making more money than any non-QB in NFL history won the trade. Of course, it will depend on what Brian Gutekunst and his staff do with their draft bounty. Having four picks in the top 59 provides what should be four future starters, or the ability to move around and make trades.

Like virtually all of you, I prefer a scenario where Davante Adams and Aaron Rodgers are teammates for the next three years, but I wouldn’t at all be surprised if we all feel really good about this trade a year or two down the road.


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well boys and gals, They did again. Vikings get Z. smith. I saw that coming. Petitine there and LB coach Smith too i wished he would have stayed in Baltimore, not sure what happened there. he had contract for for 4 years 32 mil, now vikings give him 42 mil for 3 years. I guess its always money. and getting old Packers players over there and now our ex coaches too. Let]s hope its like Buloga and his back is shot and the vikings get screwed again with ex Packer pick up. I really hope we can get Wilson from O.S. but we may have to give up both 1st round picks to move up to get him around 10 or 11. If not take Williams from Bama with 22 and DL at 28,', Williams wont be ready for week 9 but what a stud and worth the wait. and get Moore. from W. Michigan or Watson from NDS in 2nd rd. PLEASE. larryMar 23rd, 2022 11:18 am
I remember when Sterling Sharpe's career was prematurely ended by a neck injury in 1994. The Packers' offense at that time was mostly Favre throwing to Sharpe and no one else. People wondered how the Pack would move the ball and score at all. But young receivers Antonio Freeman and Robert Brooks stepped up, they eventually added Don Beebe and Andre Rison and saw the tight end position take off with Chmura and Keith Jackson. Their first season without Sharpe they went to the NFC Championship Game, the next they won the Super Bowl. We'll have to wait to see who steps up and who else comes aboard in a revamped receiving corps that can be deeper and more balanced. And more difficult to defend. Overall, there's a lot more good than bad about the Packers' week in free agency so far. PackerliferMar 24th, 2022 7:10 pm
Well, now losing Marquez Valdez puts us in a hole. That first round pick at receiver better come out balling. Kevin GarnettMar 24th, 2022 8:30 pm
Larry I would love to see DK Metcalf in Green Bay,stud receiver ready to go,then draft a couple!!Bud Grant Mar 25th, 2022 9:29 am
As a Vikings fan in thrilled Adams is gone but I'm realistic enough to know you guys are the heavy favorites to win the North!!PatrickMar 26th, 2022 7:46 am
MVS to the Chiefs. You should have made a play for Tyreek Hill. He's worth at least whatever the Packers were willing to pay Davante. Is the plan really just to draft for a WR1 and WR2 and assume that 12 will make them into Pro Bowlers? Vikings TrollMar 26th, 2022 2:06 pm
You know...these things have a funny way of working out. This year is supposed to be a deep WR draft, so I don't see any major issues happening here. If Gute can get one in the 1st round and another possibly in the 2nd or 3rd, they should be in good shape. I wouldn't use both 1st picks on WR's.VoiceMar 30th, 2022 1:22 pm
I hear ya Bud, BUT, then he will want 30 mil a year next year when his contract is up. I say take Wilson or Olave if there at 22, or if not. take wyatt. dl from georgia. then take Burks or watson from NDS. at 28. then another wr. in 2nd rd. I really hope they get Pickens at 59th pick. Getting close to big draft. larryApr 1st, 2022 11:45 am

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