A Tip of the Cheesehead Hat to Brett's Streak

In my opinion, Brett Favre's streak is the most amazing professional sports feat of all time.

Should it have ended earlier? Yes. There is no doubt there were instances where Favre should have sat out; but he kept it going either artificially through painkillers, or by toughing it out. But he's not the first QB to play when he probably shouldn't have. What Brett Favre loves is to compete and the idea of not being out there is foreign to him.

Remember, Favre earned his chance when Don Majkowski got injured, #4 seized his chance and refused to let it go. Like Jerry Rice, he was afraid to lose his spot. Incredible as it sounds, many of the all time greats are driven by fear. Fear that if they're not out there they may be forgotten.

We watched him play for 16 seasons. And we loved him for all of them. We watched him make Packers football relevant again and we watched him put the title back in Titletown. And we rarely had to worry that he wouldn't be out there. Week after week, season after season it was a given that Brett Favre would be out there.

It's ironic that his successor, who has played 45 straight games since grabbing the job, now faces his biggest threat to extend his streak, following his second concussion of the season. Ironic, because for many Packer fans, they've never had to fret about whether their QB would be out there.

That's what Favre was when he wore the Green & Gold and in the years since. For nearly 20 seasons, plus a bunch of playoff games, he was a sure thing. The toughest quarterback of the modern era. As disappointing as his post-Packer years have been for Green Bay fans to witness, we will never forget the one record that stands above all the others.

He faced the likes of Ray Lewis, John Randle, Michael Strahan and even Reggie White. He played in an era when teams passed more and defensive ends and linebackers were faster and bigger than ever. And he never missed a game.

For that, all of Packerland salutes him.


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