15 Things We Didn't Think We'd Say Before the Season Started

With the Packers enjoying their bye week, it's time to look back at the first seven weeks and consider things we'd never have thought we'd say back on Labor Day weekend:

1. The Pack better keep winning so they get home field advantage over the 49ers.

2. The Thanksgiving Day game in Detroit could be the game of the season in the NFL.

3. The Pack will rank near the bottom of the NFL in pass defense.

4. Do you think the Colts would take Andrew Luck if they get the #1 pick?

5. Cam Newton will have the best opening two games ever for a rookie QB.

6. The best defense through six weeks in the NFL resides in the AFC North--in Cincinnati.

7. For that matter, the four top-ranked defenses in the NFL are all from the AFC North.

8. Mason Crosby will channel Adam Vinatieri, circa 2000, and be money every time.

9. The Dream Team Eagles will start the season 1-4.

10. That was a nice 253 yard rushing day for DeMarco Murray.

11. Despite a healthy Sam Bradford, the Rams will start the season 0-6.

12. Is Mike Neal the next Justin Harrell?

13. The Bills will beat the Patriots and jump out to a 4-1 start.

14. Through 6 games, Chris Johnson will rank 32nd in rushing and have one TD.

15. I hope with all my heart that Nick Collins will be able to play football again.

OK, that's 15. Feel free to add some of your own...


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