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Sunday Afternoon - Lambeau Field

Isn't this awesome? I've long been a fan of Minneapolis artist Michael Birawer, whose singular, unique takes of Twin Cities landmarks have become so popular that he's branched out to capture iconic buildings and skylines across the USA. Earlier this year he created this piece and I'm proud to say a limited edition now hangs in my office (a 50th birthday present to myself!).

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Who gets your game ball?

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Power Rankings

The Baker's Dozen Why 13 and not 10? To celebrate the Pack’s 13 NFL titles, of course. 12/6/16

  1. Dallas (1)
  2. New England (2)
  3. Oakland (3)
  4. Kansas City (4)
  5. Seattle (5)
  6. Denver (8)
  7. Detroit (9)
  8. Tampa Bay (11)
  9. Atlanta (7)
  10. Baltimore (-)
  11. Washington (6)
  12. Pittsburgh (13)
  13. N.Y. Giants (10)
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