First Packers Viewing Party: August 23rd

Toys for Tots Event 2009

Park Tavern, St. Louis Park

It's a rare preseason viewing party because it's a rare noon Sunday kickoff in the preseason. Feels like a good time to father and watch the Pack's second practice game. Watch the battle for roster spots and see how the rookies are doing. As always, you can't beat the food, drinks and atmosphere in the 11th Frame at the Park Tavern.

Hope to see you there!


Also, put it on your calendar: Sunday, November 1st we will have a special party to celebrate the 20th anniversary of "Packer Preview" on KFAN. We'll gather at the Park Tavern that night to watch the Pack and Broncos and celebrate two decades of Packers talk on the Vikings' flagship station.


When do you see the Pack suffering their first loss?

Email of the Week

Join me at The Park Tavern on Sunday night, 11/1 for the Packer Preview 20th Anniversary Bash. Details to come!

Power Rankings

The Baker's Dozen Why 13 and not 10? To celebrate the Pack’s 13 NFL titles, of course. 9/29/15

  1. Packers (1)
  2. New England (2)
  3. Arizona (3)
  4. Cincinnati (4)
  5. Denver (5)
  6. Seattle (6)
  7. Atlanta (7)
  8. Carolina (10)
  9. Buffalo (13)
  10. Pittsburgh (8)
  11. N.Y. Jets (9)
  12. Minnesota (-)
  13. Dallas (11)
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