First Packers Viewing Party: September 21st

Toys for Tots Event 2009

Park Tavern, St. Louis Park

It's week three and the Packers open the division schedule at Detroit. This time it's not Thanksgiving Day so the Lions won't be trying to impress a national audience. They're ripe for the picking so let's watch it together at the official "Packer Preview" Packer bar, the Park Tavern. 

We'll be in the 11th frame in the back of the restaurant/bowling alley and as always there will be great food and drink specials and we'll give away prizes throughout the game. 

Hope to see you there!


Will Cobb be back with the Pack in 2015?

Email of the Week

Double your pleasure! "Packer Preview" is two hours long this Sunday. 8am-10am on KFAN and

Power Rankings

The Baker's Dozen Why 13 and not 10? To celebrate the Pack’s 13 NFL titles, of course. 1/5/14

  1. Seattle (1)
  2. New England (2)
  3. Packers (3)
  4. Dallas (4)
  5. Denver (5)
  6. Baltimore (11)
  7. Detroit (7)
  8. Indianapolis (8)
  9. Pittsburgh (6)
  10. Carolina (-)
  11. Arizona (9)
  12. Cincinnati (10)
  13. Philadelphia (12)
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