Packers Viewing Party This Monday Night

Toys for Tots Event 2009

Park Tavern, St. Louis Park

The hated Bears come to town without their sour-faced QB. In his place we welcome QB Josh (Nooooo! The Cardinals have knocked the Vikings out of the playoffs!) McCown to try his luck against the Packers D. Why not join me at the Park Tavern to celebrate another victory over the Monsters of the Midway. As usual,it will be a party, with great food and drink specials and prizes. Hope to see you there!


What do you think of the Peppers signing?

Email of the Week

"Packer Preview" returns to its old time slot, 8am-9am on KFAN and!

Power Rankings

The Baker's Dozen Why 13 and not 10? To celebrate the Pack’s 13 NFL titles, of course. 1/6/14

  1. Seattle (1)
  2. Denver (2)
  3. Carolina (3)
  4. San Francisco (4)
  5. New England (5)
  6. New Orleans (9)
  7. Indianapolis (10)
  8. San Diego (-)
  9. Kansas City (7)
  10. Packers (8)
  11. Arizona (10)
  12. Philadelphia (12)
  13. Cincinnati (6)
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